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Supernatural around the web this week.

Cast and Crew

Jason Fischer, a former production coordinator for Supernatural is running an Indiegogo campaign to fund the series DemonX

Mark Sheppard added his seal of approval to the project

Kathryn Newton (Claire Novak) took part in the SAG-AFTRA Foundation's golf tournament to help support Children's literacy programs

Kathryn has also been cast in the Three Billboards as reported by DeadlineThe Wrap also reports that

She’ll next be seen in Jean-Marc Vallée’s hotly anticipated limited series “Lies,” as daughter to Reese Witherspoon.
Congratulations Kathryn!

D.J. Qualls show Man in the High Castle is looking to be nominated for an Emmy. DJ has been part of a publicity campaign for the show. He participated in 'The Man In The High Castle' Cast: When The Creative Aesthetic Impacts Your Performance – Emmys and DJ Qualls On Joel De La Fuente's “Scary” 'The Man In The High Castle' Performance — Emmys.  It would be great if this show could be nominated.

Robbie Thompson's comic books just keep coming. Comic Book Resources reports Thompson Heats Up "Silk's" Undercover Op With Heists & Dangerous Decisions. Buzz Comics promotes his new issue here. Robbie weighs in on his Twitter

TVLine has a Fall TV First Impression: [of] Timeless , Eric Kripke's new series.

Emily Swallow will be on stage when her play  "Disgraced" Opens June 19 at Mark Taper Forum

And yes, now that she is no longer The Darkness, Emily is blonde!

Jared Padalecki's first film Baseball and the Ballerina (formerly known as: A Little Inside) has come to streaming video.  Hidden Remote has the story and the trailer.

Jared posted.

We know Misha has been busy preparing for GISHWHES next month, but that's not all he's doing to help people. This week Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins Help[ed] Launch the #SPNFamily Crisis Support Network   plus after the tragedy in Orlando, Random Acts Charity Calls for Volunteers After Pulse Nightclub Shooting. Misha does such an incredible amount of good.

In other news about Supernaturally related charities, Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster's Wayward AF campaign has ended. It was an incredible success


Word is we will not be getting an episode directed by Jensen this season. In response to the question about Jensen directing Jim Michaels tweeted.

Show Tidbits

Buddy TV lists 9 Reasons Dean Winchester Would Actually Be the Perfect Boyfriend.

Melty asks What were Supernatural Season 11's best bits?.

Zimbio want to know Which 'Supernatural' Character Are You?.

Sam and Dean made it as number 1 in TV Guide's list of TV's Most Epic Bromances.

Paris Hilton made it into Zimbios The Weirdest TV Guest Stars of All Time .

Fan Convention News and Reports

From Hidden Remote  Louden Swain and ‘Supernatural’ Cast Rock Prince Tribute at SpnPhx 2016.

Nerds and Beyond shared pictures of The Cast of Supernatural at the Phoenix Supernatural Convention!.

Nerds that Geek provided Denver Comic Con 2016 Guest Spotlight: Jeffrey Dean Morgan .