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Supernatural Fans continue to show their love for our show through their creativity.

The Supernatural Art Show

The Supernatural Art Show on Twitter is returning in June. You can share your fan artistry, or just enjoy the talent of other Supernatural fans.

Supernatural Love Letters

In honor of Supernatural being renewed for a twelfth season, a set of fans are working a special tribute for the cast and crew.

The Ellen Show

Other fans would like our renewal to be celebrated in a more public manner.

Let's retweet this and see if we can get a call from Ellen!

Jensen Tribute

In a more focused campaign, Jensen fans are organizing a tribute just for him!

The deadline for submissions is only a few days away if you want to join!

We Love You Too

Finally, we must include a completed project. 



#WeLoveYouToo is a project dedicated to giving fans of the Supernatural family a chance to say 'thank you' to Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, as well as Supernatural as a whole for everything it's done for us. Supernatural is far more than 'just a show' to us--it's something that's brought us a sense of peace and a place where we feel welcomed. It's home. The actors who play the famous Winchester brothers, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, are the ones that have done most for the fandom. From Jared launching the "Always Keep Fighting" campaign in March of 2015, to the unconditional love and care the show us, these guys have done it all. The least we can do is say THANK YOU.

The #WeLoveYouToo Project was launched in July of 2015 by a Supernatural fan in the DC Metro area, Asia Law (@bowlegdean on Twitter). Inspired by the emotionally moving Always Keep Fighting candlelight display at San Diego Comic Con 2015, as well as Jared's endless campaigns, this project was born in hopes for the fans to voice their love for the actors and show.

Jared and Jensen love us, as do all the other actors of the show. And you know what? #WeLoveYouToo

Website Contest

Supernatural is a special show that inspires its fans to express their love for the cast, the crew and the show itself. It helps us use our creative abilities to connect to this special community. Fortunately we have a chance to show our support for all of the Supernatural fandom. Every few months, a website hosts a fandom contest (motivated by the boost in website visits it elicits). The next Supernatural website fandom contest starts this week. The  Radio Times League of Fandom competition:

How does it work?

Each week from April 19th to May 17th 2016, ten fandoms will compete against each other in 90-minute matches on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm (BST) in Division 1 of the competitionA further ten fandoms will compete in Division 2 of the competition in 90-minute matches on Thursdays and Tuesdays at 4pm (BST) from April 21st

How do I vote?

On Match Days, a link to the voting page will become live here at 4pm.

Division 1 - Match 1 : April 19th - Kick Off 4pm (BST)

We have such a wonderful fandom. We can contribute to art or just participate in celebrating our show, its cast and crew.  We can admire all the wonderful creations from members of our fandom. Finally we can support our fandom and demonstrate how much we love not only our show, but also its fans. Supernatural has so much to offer everyone. I'm proud to be a member of the community.

If you are sponsoring a fan project, contact us through WFB's website, on Twitter or on Facebook! We'll happily help you spread the word about your project in social media! If the project is large enough, we'll write a special news article featuring your story and/or include you in our next fan project article!