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Supernatural in the news this week.

Gil McKinney will be on Criminal Minds Beyond Borders.

Eric Kripke keeps working on new projects. Deadline reports ‘The Boys’ Drama Based On Comic Book Set At Cinemax With Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Eric Kripke, Original Film & Sony.

Whosay asks is Rob Benedict — Eloping With 'Supernatural' Co-Star Mark Sheppard.

Zap2It says Cheer up, ‘Supernatural’ fans – Jensen Ackles is still a Showdown superstar. talked with Television writer Adam Glass on growing up a 'Jewbilly' and working on his dream comic.

Popsugar tells us Supernatural: Where to Follow the Cast on Twitter, Instagram, and More.

Watch the multi-talented Jensen Ackles play piano behind the scenes of Supernatural.

KFox 95.5 gives us Today's Hottie: Jared Padalecki.

Misha Collins live streamed part of this week's Supernatural. The video has now been removed.
Misha's Random Acts continues to help people. SSkyline High School graduate helps build a free high school in Nicaragua.

Variety focused on the Supernatural Fandom in Why Understanding Fans is the New Superpower . Sent to us by @ruthybell23.

AV Club told us how Supernatural found new life by killing bad habits.

Sam and Dean made the EOnline list of When Dead Doesn't Mean Dead: 21 Characters Resurrected By the Power of TV.

Buddy TV let us See Your Favorite 'Supernatural' Characters as Powerpuff Girls.

What state does not get to have a Supernatural Convention? Kansas. Fans are trying to remedy that with this petition to Bring a Supernatural Convention to Kansas.