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Supernatural in the news this week.

Top of the News this Week: Of course it's that Jensen Ackles won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Sci-Fi Tv Actor! The WFB ran two stories covering the news - first the announcement then reactions from friends and the media! We are so proud of Jensen!

Other SPNFamily in the news:

Adam Rose is no longer running with his Golem on Supernatural. Instead he will be appearing in the new series Relationship Status on Verizon's digital platform Go90.

Aldis Hodge sat down with EW and described How Straight Outta Compton broke the mold.

MTV asked Which Lauren Cohan Supernatural Character Reigns Supreme?.

You can catch Kim Rhodes in the new show Colony. The pilot is currently available on line.

What is Colony? Well here's what it isn't: Don't call Colony an alien invasion drama, says Carlton Cuse.

Legends of Tomorrow has cast a Supernatural alum kaylee! Amy! DC's Legends of Tomorrow Casts Firefly's [Supernatural's] Jewel Staite.

We continue to find out more about Jeffrey Dean Morgan's new role as the TWD Showrunner Talks First Seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan.

Jared hit an Instagram milestone


Thanks for ONE MILLION followers on instagram! Y'all are incredible, can't believe we got there so fast...

A photo posted by Jared Padalecki (@jaredpadalecki) on

Sandra Echeverri, the creator and admin of Supernatural Birthday Projects on Facebook is running Jensen's Birthday Project on GoFundMe.
Jensen's project this year is going to be big! With great ideas and special events that will all take place with the purpose of creating the perfect gift for an amazing guy. All donations collected will be donated to the PACK fund set by Jensen and Jared.  A beautiful theme journal will be generated for you to add your birthday messages, and a poster with the signatures of everyone who donates will be printed and given to Jensen at an upcoming convention. Please see the information below for more information about each element to the project and please donate if you are able.
The Hillywood Show did a live version of their Supernatural Parody at the Salt Lake City Comic Con.


Can't wait to see Sera Gamble's new show The Magicians? SyFy is streaming episode one now.

suggests Weirdly Perfect Wine Pairings For Your Next Binge-Watching Marathon, including recommendations for binging Supernatural.

MSN included Charlie's death in 11 Saddest Deaths of 2015.

Geek and Sundry ranked The First 10 Seasons of Supernatural.

Supernatural was the #1 ranked TV show on ListenFirst's 2015 All Series TV Interest Ratings.

2015 ListenFirst social media ranking


The ListenFirst Digital Audience Rating (DAR)™ for TV is a measurement standard for digital audience engagement across the television landscape. DAR™ - TV provides a view into which television programs are captivating fans on a daily basis. Most notably, ListenFirst DAR™ - TV empowers advertisers, marketers, and sales teams with a measurement standard to assess the value of consumer engagement with leading entertainment properties.

ListenFirst has partnered with Variety to publish a Weekly Top 10 and Trending Leaderboard comprised of all episodic programming, in and out of season, from the most popular programmers (Broadcast, Cable, & Streaming Services, such as Netflix and Amazon). Fan Engagement - through owned, earned, and organic metrics - is measured daily across the following data sources: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Wikipedia, and YouTube.
What does this mean?
The social analytics company ListenFirst Media aimed its Television Interest (TVI) Rating (TM) at the entirety of 2015.  A standardized measurement of the most buzzed-about TV programs on linear TV and streaming services, TVI is a complement to ListenFirst’s other syndicated data products (such as the ListenFirst Digital Audience Rating – TV). The metrics included in the rating are the purest form of showing interest digitally, since they’re organic actions that are largely unaffected by paid media. Programs that surface on the TVI leaderboards are the most hashtagged on Facebook, Google+, and Tumblr, as well as most searched for on Wikipedia (used as a proxy for organic search volume).

Good job Supernatural fans! We keep Supernatural in the public eye. Thanks to  for the heads up!

In convention news, fans in the UK can start to prepare for Asylum 18.

Matt Frewer will make his first appearance at a Supernatural convention at this year's Vancouver convention.

Pittsburgh fans, you will be getting your first Supernatural convention July 8-10, 2016. Congratulations on being added to the circuit.!