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Happy New Year everyone! Here's Supernatural in the news for the last week of 2015.

Although she's now on The Walking Dead, we all remember Lauren Cohan as Bela. People Magazine talked with Lauren who declared ‘I Am the Queen of Exercise Variety.

Fans in San Francisco can see Tim Omundson live in the 15th Annual Sketchfest this January.

All of Tim's fans can see him starting Sunday with the return of Galavant. If you are wondering if you will enjoy it, ABC gives us 5 Reasons to Watch the Galavant Season 2 Premiere.

Jensen was #1 in PopSugar's poll of Favorite Men of 2015 Favorite Men of 2015. PopSugar also reminds us How Hot Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris Are Together.

Jared Padalecki was tied with Angie Harmon for WhoSay's Do-Gooder of 2015 for his work on Always Keep Fighting.

Jared and his family had Christmas pictures taken at Austin's Trail of Lights:


, one of our talented fans, is in the process of creating an adult coloring book based on Supernatural. In honor of the season she has released  a sample of her work for the fandom to enjoy. 

Jensen coloring

Supernatural continues to make lists for the best of the year in several categories. TalkNerdyWithUs named Eric Kripke as one of the Best Television Show Creators in the Last Decade. Amara made BuddyTV's list of TV's 15 Most Vicious Villains from Fall 2015. BuddyTV also named 'Baby' as one of the 50 Best TV Episodes of 2015. Felicia Day made's The Top 10 Guest Performances of 2015 for her portrayal of Charlie. TVLine called "The universe is trying to tell us something we both should already know. We're stronger together than apart." one of the Best TV Quotes of 2015. TVLine also listed Charlie's death as one of 2015's Biggest TV Deaths. Supernatural garnered several mentions in TV Addict's Year in Review, including Funniest One Liner or Quote SUPERNATURAL…Sam: Is everything a Bob Seger song to you? Dean: Yes.; Your Top Dramas of the Year; and Your Top Comedies of the Year, wher the author noted: THE BIG BANG THEORY is the only sitcom that I watch. BUT, I find the actors in these shows to have great comic timing and the writers give them great lines that make me laugh.

January is the time for resolutions. SheKnows suggested Supernatural characters make New Year's resolutions for 2016. TVLine writer Vlada Gelman Resolves: "To get over my fear of the Bloody Mary myth and watch this Supernatural episode in full. Maybe."

Nerdist explains Why I Still Watch SUPERNATURAL.

EW has started  Fanuary - The Ultimate Fan Bracket: Whose Fans Reign Supreme? The first bracket runs until January 5 and Supernatural is competing against American Horror Story. Let's see how far we can go!