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Since the third lead of Supernatural finally got her own episode, we are dedicating this week's Bits & Pieces to her.

Fans were not the only ones to celebrate this unique episode. Media outlets wrote about 'Baby'. Jared and Jensen gave interviews about the episode and how it was shot. The crew tweeted Behind The Scenes photos before and during the show. We got lists about 'Baby' the episode and the car. We got write ups on media sites. We got praise for making such an unusual episode.

Jensen and Jared were everywhere talking about how the episode and how it was shot. There was press conference that several media outlets attended.

From Access Hollywood we have the video of the press conference.

After the show aired outlets talked even more about the episode WARNING! These contain SPOILERS for "Baby". If you have not seen the episode, proceed at your own risk.

From TV Addict we got this video.

From Extra TV All About 'Baby': How Supernatural Pulled Off the Impala Episode.

Supernatural's Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Discuss the Making of 'Baby' with Nerdist.

Supernatural’s third most important cast member after Dean and Sam Winchester (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) isn’t a person, it’s a car. Chuck Shurley said it best in the Season 5 finale: the 1967 Chevrolet Impala is “the most important object in pretty much the whole universe.” The car that was handed down from John Winchester to Dean has carried the wayward sons across the United States multiple times, survived any number of crashes and blemishes, and been a constant in the ever-changing lives of the brothers. The Impala took center stage in “Baby.”
"That was the busiest show I've done in eleven years," said Picture Car Coordinator Jeff Budnick. "We had all eight cars working....It was a lot of taking cars apart and putting them together, and it was busy work night and day for that episode. Blood everywhere! Inside the carpets? Just the cars I had to repair for that episode. I had to get five new headliners, [because] of the cameras ripping through the headliners. There's so much cameras in the car, and the blood on the carpets so we had to replace all the carpets, and the dash got cracked. So it was a lot of work to get them all back to normal."
“It was fun for me to play that part of Sam. Sam’s not often really caught off guard like that,” Padalecki says. “He’s been through a lot. He’s been to hell and to heaven, purgatory. He’s died, killed. He’s not often caught totally off guard, so that was a fun direction for me to go with him.”

In their Preview of 'Baby' TVGoodness listed
a couple surprises that really pay homage to the history of this show.
The Inquistr ran Supernatual to Focus on the One Girl to Survive 10 Seasons.

We also got mentioned in a site that normally doesn't cover us. The Truth About Cars compared The Hawaii Five-O Mercury Marquis and The Supernatural Impala.

We got more than media reports. The crew gave us wonderful Behind The Scenes pictures to help us appreciate the work that went into this episode!

His entire Twitter is filled with great shots.

Jim Michaels got into the act as well


Allspn livejournal has a great collection of Behind the Scenes pictures.

And then there was the reaction to the episode. There were lists made:

Buddy TV listed  11 Supernatural Fun Facts About the Impala 'Baby' and The Best Supernatural Quotes From 'Baby'.

TV Goodness
gave us 41 Moments That Helped Make Supernatural 'Baby' and Instant Classic.

SheKnows reminded us of Supernatural: 11 Best Moments Featuring The Impala.

We were praised.

wrote How 'Baby Proved That Supernatural's Still At the Top of Its Game. listed this episode as a FTW stating

It's hard to believe that it took Supernatural this long to make sweet, sweet love to the show's iconic '67 Impala, but the wait was well worth it. "Baby" was an ode to Dean's best girl, the monotony of hunting, and the wonderful weirdness of the Winchesters' life on the road. "Bitch" and "jerk" made a triumphant return, Jensen Ackles got to stop brooding and remind us all of his criminally underused slapstick talent, and Sam got to take his death peen out for an overdue spin. There was angst, classic rock singalongs, a shrieking head in Dean's beer cooler, and maybe, just maybe, Dean Winchester doing shorts. If you find yourself wondering how the hell that little WB show is still going strong after this long, do yourself a favor, watch "Baby," and find enlightenment.

But the best tribute was from Shaving People, Punting Things, the group that gave us the fantastic "Oh, Death" preview earlier this year. They created this "out take" for our enjoyment.


It is so wonderful to be a fan of a show that can make such unique and interesting episodes. I'm proud to be part of the fandom for Supernatural, especially when they continue to turn out such quality work.