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With the start of the new season, Bits and Pieces moves to Saturdays.

AXS Entertainment interviewed several of the guest stars on last night's premier including Maja Aro (the rabid nurse), Lane Edwards (one of the angels) Albert Nicholas (the other angel, Jonah) and Aaron Hill (the doomed father of baby Amara).

Alona Tal talked withAssignmentX about her new series Hand of God.

Gil McKinney joined Jason Manns at The Rockwood Music Festival. He replaced Rob Benedict who was attending a memorial service for a friend.

Our location manager Russ Hamilton welcomed his new daughter into the world this week.

Robbie Thompson will be attending the New York Comic Con

Robbie was interviewed in Comic Book Resources about his new Spiderman comics a

series of done-in-one, in-continuity tales set during Peter's teenage years.

Variety, AV Club, Spinoff Online and Ion have articles on Sera Gamble's The Magicians, including this trailer, which was shown at the New York Comic Con.

Briana Buckmaster talked with Fangasm about Spinoffs, Squee and Women in Supernatural.

Whosay posted  How Supernatural Actress Ruth Connell's Not So Basic Witch Redefines A Strong Female Character. Whosay also attended the Supernatural Convention in New Jersey and Two Former Supernatural Prophets Reveal the True Power of The Fandom .

Jim Michael's project, Remember the Sultana, will be issuing a sound track. It has also been submitted to the Sundance Film Festival. It has not been officially accepted. We will keep you up to date on this project as news comes in.

Osric Chau is starring in Blood and Water , Omni Television's first original Chinese crime drama.

Jared was number 7 in Fuse's list of 13 Celebrities Who Speak Openly About Mental Health.

Austin 360 has great pictures of Jensen and Jared attending this year's Austin City Limits.

TV Guide tells us 13 Ways Supernatural and X-Files Are Basically The Same Show.

From Creation Entertainment.

After a long gestation, we'll soon be launching CREATION STANDS, Creation Entertainment's new online shop, featuring licensed fan-created merchandise and Creation produced items from Star Trek, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries.

Enter your email on our new shop website and you'll receive early access to the site prior to our launch to the public.

Go here for more details.

Geek and Sundry celebrates Awesome Supernatural Cosplay.

Misha Collins posted his Director's Cut of Behind the Scenes of Supernatural: A Fan's Perspective.

Supernatural placed #30 on The 50 Best Shows on Netflix.

MoviePilot listed 10 Reasons To Catch Supernatural Before Season 11 including a 5 minute review of the show.

Check out our Internity recap for updated news, including Kim Rhodes' possible involvement in the project!

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