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 Supernatural on the web this week!

Louden Swain released the official video for it's new single "Bandaged Hand". The video was directed by Richard Speight Jr.

Osric Chau is joining Misha Collins' Random Acts trip to build a school in Nicaragua.

Briana Buckmaster has been nominated by UBPC/ACTRA (The Union of B.C. Performers/The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists)  as Best Emerging Actor for her role as Donna on Supernatural. Briana shared her reaction on Twitter:

ET Canada has a quick interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan on his new role in The Good Wife.

Jim Beaver has been cast in a potential new series Internity. The project has set up an Indiegogo page to raise funding to finance the pilot.


Jim also has a new Represent Campaign. The charity is Rainbow House, which provides free food & clothing to the poor of the Cherokee Reservation in northeast Oklahoma.

Misha continues to be Misha.  From EW Misha Collins Made Donald Trump a LinkedIn Profile and Raw Story Actor Misha Collins Trolls Trump On LinkedIn. The profile was removed from LinkedIn because it violated their terms of service. When Misha realized it had been taken down, he offered additional "advice" through Facebook:

Hey, Donald J. Trump. It looks like you're still job hunting (and debating). I really can't emphasize enough what a bad...

Posted by Misha Collins on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Monster got in the fray, which elicited another response by Misha!

The Raw Story article has a video of Misha and his sons weighing in on who won the Republican debate.  A busy week for the Collins Family!

TNT is running a partnership with Autism Speaks on September 21.

Kim Rhodes responded to the announcement.

TV Fanatic listed 31 Characters Badly In Need of a Four-Leaf Clover. At number 24 they had:

Honestly, it's a toss up here between Dean and Sam. Both are pathetic to the point of wondering why either would go to the bother of saving the other from a life in heaven. Or hell. Or whatever. Because they've both already died and been demons and lost everyone they loved from parents to girlfriends. It's Dean's most recent brush with demonism and sporting the Mark of Cain that give him the tip of bad luck this go around.

According to Adweek, Supernatural comes in at #2 as the most talked about, highly anticipated show on social media!
Way to go #SPNFamily!