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Once upon a time, I used to do a yearly series call “Supernatural Moments that Make Me Smile.”  Of course back then, humor was always well laced into even the most intense episode.  I liked to look back at a year or season gone by and remember those little moments that brought me joy.   They didn't necessarily have to be big moments.  There were plenty of subtle choices to go around as well.  

By the time we got to season nine though, the article turned into a “Supernatural Moments that Made Me Wince” list.  I never shared those.  So, when a need came up for a quick retrospective article, I decided to dust off a classic.  Which way do I go?  Turns out, when it comes to the final season of Supernatural, both! 

In order of airing, here are my choices!   

As I was looking for a way to pass the quarantine summer doldrums, I saw Entertainment Weekly’s list of what it considered to be the 75 most ‘essential’ episodes of Supernatural, leading up to Season 15. Since any excuse for a rewatch is a good excuse, I figured I’d not only invite my Supernatural "Team Free Will North Carolina" (TFWNC) Facebook group to join me, but I’d also recap my thoughts on which episodes Entertainment Weekly (EW) chose, which ones they skipped, and what was left out.  Music plays such a big role in Supernatural, so I also noted which iconic songs were included and which were missed in the skipped episodes. Reporting on all that turned into quite the project, and The WFB was kind enough to let me share it here! (My snarky opinions are my own and don’t reflect those of The WFB.)

Season 15 wasn’t included in the original 75 essentials list, but Entertainment Weekly later ranked all 327 episodes, so in keeping with their pattern for the other recaps, I took the five highest ranked season 15 episodes to be what they would have considered to be ‘essential’.

So come on the journey with me! Start with season 1, then follow the links until you catch up with us in season 15! 

I’ll be honest, “Carry On” would probably take a good chunk of these awards if I let it.  In compiling these awards, I took the mentality that if there was another acceptable alternative to “Carry On” I would use it.  As you’ll notice though, there were a few where it was impossible to not choose that epic episode.  But there were plenty of categories that earned an acknowledgement from yours truly for the season as a whole, good, bad, and ugly.  And with season 15, there was definitely some ugly.   There was also however some real pretty, and the first award proves it!  

So now I present to you, The WFB Supernatural Season 15 Editor’s Choice Awards!

Finally, the results are here!  It would figure that with the 2020 vote things would go so awry that the vote would have to be done twice.  We've never had a problem with the vote until now.  After all, "Supernatural" season 15 was unexpectedly delayed, so why not the vote too?   It's just been that kind of year.  

Thank you to all of you who voted and maintained the spirit of the vote.  I so appreciate all your support through this process.  I can assure, the results will be satisfying.  I hope they were worth the wait!  As I've done every year I'll present the Winner, Runner Up, and of course my Editor's Choice for each of the 16 categories.  

Without further delay, I present the results of the WFB Supernatural Season 15 Fan Choice Awards!  
So, our first vote went a little...haywire you might say. I wasn't able to use our usual polling application, and the free version I had to use caused some mayhem.  As a result, I'm redoing the vote to reflect how we've done it in the past.   

For one, I'm able to go back to using our regular polling application.  That means that I can conceal the results of the vote.  In past years, I have never allowed a vote result to be shared until the voting was closed.  Knowing the results tends to skew the outcome, motivating people to vote numerous times to get their desired result.  When that happens, results tend not to reflect overall opinion.  When the voting was done the first time, I didn't feel that the results had accurate outcomes.  

There were also comments of bias in our questions.  The Fan Choice Awards always compiles options based on fan nominations.  Apparently, our nomination process this year failed to get enough variation that made all fans happy, probably because it ran during the holidays.   As a result, I have allowed some extra nominations and have added new options to most of the categories.

 Here are other changes to our voting:  

- Best Episode, Worst Episode, Episode with Best Ending, and Episode with Worst Ending now have all episodes from season 15 to choose from.  That way, no one can claim bias!  
- The voting is setup where everyone can only vote once a day.  The vote will last 1 week.
- As mentioned before, results of the voting will not be shared until after the voting is done.  

Voting is open until February 3rd at 11:59 am ET.  

I'm really hoping that all these changes will lead to a more accurate vote.  I still want this to be fun but it also needs to be fair.  So, let the vote begin! 

You came, you saw, you submitted nominations! Now, it's your chance to vote. Presenting, the WFB "Supernatural" Season 15 Fan Choice Awards, voting phase.

For those that may recall, just before the new year I asked for your nominations in 16 categories that would be put to a fan vote.  One of those usual categories, Most Tear Jerking Moment of Supernatural Season 15, was so obvious (the barn scene in "Carry On") that I just awarded it at that time.  Well, turns out there are a few others that turned out to be a bit obvious after going through the nomination process, so, I improvised a bit.  

It's been a few weeks, we've had time to digest the series finale a bit, but it's fresh enough in our minds where it's time to channel all those emotions and thoughts into something else.  Yes, it's time to do our annual awards!  

Ever since season seven, a certain number of award categories have been set aside and offered to you, the Supernatural fans, for judgement.  It gives the fandom that chance to be heard, just because we care.  Before I can come up with a final vote though, we need nominations! 

So how did the last season of the show go? Did it go out on a high note? Or a low one?

The final season, heck the entire series, is now in our rear view mirror so to speak.  So, what do we do now?  How about our annual activities of looking back at the season gone by? 

First off, a fun game that I’ve been doing for years.  I’m going to list all the episodes in Season 15 in order.  In five minutes (fine, I’ll allow ten), rank the episodes in your opinion from first to worst.  Share your results in the comments. 

The idea behind allowing so little time is simple, I don’t want any of you to over think this.  It’s a gut feel game.  However, a lot of these episodes blur together.  I suggest before getting started going through our handy dandy Season 15 episode guide to remind you which episodes were which.  If you’re still not sure, Emberlast’s “Let’s Speculate” articles are the perfect recap!  Those are all linked on our Episode Guide.