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I feel like the lost potential with Michael and Jack in S14 deserves more discussion...

You know what was also missing this season? Michael needed a lieutenant to bounce off of and carry out his orders. It's amazing how much you can have a person's character portrayed through how their subordinates react to them. It also tells the audience a lot about who the leader is and what they value by the person they promote to be closest to them. Just think about Azazel and Meg. Lilith had Ruby (though we didn't know until the end). Even Lucifer had the 4 horsemen originally and various demonic fans in later seasons.

What if Naomi had returned in a more frequent role as Michael's chief helper, or what if Mike had used an upgraded monster or human? Can you imagine if Garth became the lieutenant - not even because of the control Michael had over him, but if Michael had promised to cure him? (I hope they got Garth out of that trunk.)

And that's assuming they even kept Michael. Part of me wishes they had experimented going without a villain this season. Either just let Jack's ordeal be the arc, or let the boys spend it working on fixing heaven & the veil and whatever else is going wrong in the afterlife. Like I said in the first video, Dabb seems best suited to a "man vs nature" style story, so it would have probably been a better use of his talents.

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