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Best Impersonation

Misha Collins as Lucifer

normal The vessel 206

I know many of you would give this the worst award, but I think the idea was half baked.  The writing often pure ass, that's for sure.  The performance was not.  He did an amazing job. 

Worst Impersonation


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Who thought it was a good idea to give Sam the Roger Rabbit, "You were framed" line?  There the writers go reversing Sam and Dean lines again.  I half expected this to happen next.  

knight with a rubber chicken o

The “Floor…Thud…Me” Winchester Moment of the Season

"Hell's Angel"

sup1118 2485

Oh, there were a few l, but I wasn’t quite expecting this to happen when the Scooby Gang had another one of their schemes in the church. 

sup1118 2554


Best BFFs on the Planet That Were Assured to Face a Grizzly End

Stunt Demon #3 and Stunt Angel #4

s11e03 238

Wait, that happened in  “The Bad Seed?”  Okay, there’s something I do remember about that episode after all.  It’s a scene I’ve been dying to see since season four.  But alas, the angel was toasted by Amara in “O’ Brother Where Art Thou?”  Couldn’t the demon have been shown at least having a toast to his fallen frenemy in the bar later?  Either that or another angel stepped in as a substitute, since these stunt demons and angels are interchangeable. 

Best Resolution of a Dangling Plot Thread That Should Have Been Resolved Eons Ago 

“All in the Family” 

11.21 26

Rest in Peace Kevin Tran.  Your trip up to Heaven was long overdue.  Thank God that God was in the building to give us that very hasty but satisfying resolution. 

Okay, yeah, God would have been the obvious choice here as well, but here me out.  Were you really happy with that resolution?  They brought Chuck back for THAT?  He didn’t get a chance to tell Castiel thanks for all his devotion and service, he didn’t get to energize Heaven and give the angels new hope, and he didn’t even get to have a small chat with his very faithful and loyal servant, Sam Winchester!  No, instead he complained about him to Metatron.  He was just there and everyone was cool with it like he was a messy houseguest.  All Dean had to do was talk Amara down from her temper tantrum?  I rest my case.  Kevin got the better end of the deal. 

 11.21 32

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