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Most Gruesome Injury

“Red Meat”

I think we’ve dwelled on enough what getting shot and bleeding all over the place while falling into shock did to Sam, but have we looked at Dean’s ordeal?

RM 12

Dean foaming at the mouth and seizing after overdosing on barbiturates is pretty jarring, don't you think?  What a fantastic parallel, showing both of them in subsequent shots falling to the ground from their ordeals.  Actually, in this sequence both of them had it pretty bad, so who was worse off?  I winced a bit more at Sam though since his fall managed to start the free flow of blood again after coming out of shock.  Still, it was Dean that actually died, so by default he wins this one.

spn1117 1862
spn1117 1860

That's gotta hurt.

Episode Where I Can’t Remember a Damn Thing That Happened 

“The Bad Seed” 

Sure, it’s the third episode of the season, so it’s easily to forget one so young in a new season, but I remember plenty of episode threes from other seasons.  This one just didn’t stand out.  I definitely didn’t love it, but it didn’t leave me seething over the fact that 42 minutes of my life was wasted.  I just don’t plain recall any of it!  I’ll never quote anything from it.  I’ll never go back and earmark where something important canonically happened.  It’s just another name on a long list of episodes to me.  This picture illustrates PERFECTLY how I feel about the episode.  

SPN 0496

Best Failed Slogan Pitch for the Local Tourism Board


s11e07 561 Donna Smile

“Here's hoping something less murderous brings you back to Minnesota, like Prince or Cheese Curd Fest.”

Yeah, I don’t think Sheriff Donna will be earning a spot on the Chamber of Commerce any time soon.

Best One Tortured Look Tells the Entire Heart Crushing Story Moment 

“Don’t Call Me Shurley”

Don t call me shurley 629

Say what you want about Metatron, but the whole redemption story became worth it from this one look alone.  Wow can Curtis Armstrong sell empathy and heartbreak. 
This might also qualify as “Best Puppy Dog Moment.”  Talk about being kicked. 

Best Shoutout to a Domestic Goddess

"Don't Call Me Shurley"

spn1120 0355

Dean Winchester, ironing shirts.  Not just his shirt, but his brother’s!  Awww, what a cool mom.  Okay, yes, he was ironing with beer instead of water, but man that took the wrinkles right out of that shirt, did it not? 

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