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Supernatural Season 10: Hits and Misses

Of all the seasons of Supernatural – season ten has been one of the most challenging to compile a hits and misses list for. The hits were easy to find – too easy in many ways and could probably be broken down into smaller parts of more detail and span a few more lists in their own right. At the same time, the misses were more of a struggle. So, after some searching and sorting: here is the Supernatural Season Ten Hits & Misses: Part One

Hit: Dean and Cain Battle to the Death09

This epic exchange between Cain and Dean was teased long before it came to fruition and when it did - Supernatural cinematography at its best. In the encounter between the two heavily-burdened men, every aspect of set and the atmosphere worked to build the intensity and by the end, the tragedy and heaviness of Cain’s ultimate demise at Dean’s hand. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the acting as well – everyone came together with their A-game to deliver something truly incredible and unforgettable here.

Miss: Trusting Rowena – Ever

s10e16 246Fool me once….and you get the point. Despite many, many burns on that same hot stove, those pretty eyes and that accent somehow led so many people into Rowena’s trap. It was a touch redundant at times.

Hit: Charlie’s Heroism

DD 18Every time Charlie came calling we got to know a new side of her. This includes all her badass moves when she returned from Oz, her moves with Book of the Damned and her final, if horrifying, demise brought on by a choice to save Dean because she loved her boys. Charlie made a great hunter and was an amazing friend.

Miss: Cas’ Missing Grace

Cas 0322This is probably a nitpick, but this story just went on too long and was too in and out at the convenience of the story, or so it seemed. Tiny thing, ultimately.

Hit: Donna and Jody

Hibbing 3Individually, these ladies are fabulous in unique, completely opposite ways. Together? Even better. Between Donna’s country-coloured optimism and Jody’s practical cynicism, this law enforcement duo is an unstoppable force of hunting and crime-solving; plus, they’re pretty damn funny. Spin-off anyone?

Miss: Hannah & Cas

04Another of those nitpicky things: the weirdness between these two was awkward and, since nothing really came of it (not to suggest that it should have), it simply went on too long.

Hit: Murder Mystery


As one-off episodes go, taking inspiration from Clue made for a fun, unique story-telling episode in Ask Jeeves. A hit for comedy and style if nothing else.

Miss: Charlie’s Death

DD 16

I know, I know – but didn’t I just say Charlie dying a hero was a hit? Yes. This is tricky, because I actually think her death was very well done: it was incredibly emotional, heroic and befitting the character, if you have to kill her. But that’s the hitch, Charlie’s death seemed unnecessary and much more of a plot device. It served to push Dean over that edge into slaughtering the Stynes (another phenomenal segment) but ultimately wasn’t absolute in necessity.

Hit: Cole’s RevengeColeandSam

A harsh baptism into the Supernatural world in many ways, Cole’s story of revenge against Dean took some interesting turns without feeling rushed. What could have been tossed away in one episode was offered time to develop both in character and plot, and introduced interesting future possibilities in Cole. Hopefully, we’ll see him again.

Miss: DeanmonSPN 0293

So much awesome potential. Ended so soon.

Share your thoughts below - look out for part two coming soon!

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