Supernatural Season 3

  • Mallena's Musings: Supernatural 3.08 "A Very Supernatural Christmas"

    It’s the time of the year to celebrate a holiday that’s dear to many hearts.  As I contemplate Supernatural’s wonderous Christmas episode from season three, I think of some of the lines from the 1944 classic song, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”  Let’s revisit the golden days of yore, shall we?

  • Mallena's Supernatural Musings: 3.11 "Mystery Spot"

    Richard Speight, Jr.’s birthday was on September 4th and in his honor, I’m writing a review of one of his best episodes.  This is my favorite Supernatural episode and it’s a treat to get to write about it.

  • Ode To The Trickster

    Editor's Note: In case you hadn't yet heard this important piece of American trivia, today is National Tell A Joke day in the U.S.A! Since it's also a Thursday, which signifies Throw-Back-Thursday in social media, it seemed appropriate to pull out Karen's magnificent ode to Supernatural's favorite jokester, the Trickster!  

    When this article was originally published on March 5, 2010, it was run as pure poetry without the interuption of the associated images of each scene. I thought we could have some fun with it today by adding appropriate pictures for each stanza, only instead of me doing it, I would turn creative control over to you for a day! Pop over to WFB's Photo Galleryand pick the pictures you'd like to see in each verse. You do not have to choose the most obvious choice of the scene being referenced. You know Supernatural! Is there another scene that also illustrates or is funny given the lines? Note the exact episode name and picture number (hover over or click the image) in the comments below. I added verse numbers as a reference. I'll choose the best option if there are multiple offerings for each verse and slowly add them over the next few days. Have fun looking through images of some of the funniest episodes in Supernatural's history! Too much work? Then just enjoy the artistry of the poem and picture the action in your mind!

  • Fan Video of the Week: Supernatural Reflections "First Blood"


    "Place me behind prison walls - walls of stone ever so high, ever so thick, reaching ever so far into the ground. There is a possibility that in some way or another I may be able to escape. But stand me on that floor and draw a chalk line around me and have me give my word of honor never to cross it. Can I get out of that circle? No. Never." — Karl G. Maeser

    How the Winchesters got into this situation was controversial but it was a juicy idea. I loved 2.19 "Folsom Prison Blues"and thought if "First Blood" was as well executed, we would have a grand old time. As it turned out, it was good but it could have been better. It would have been great if it would have lasted like two episodes.

    My chosen word for this fan vid article is, of course, "prison" so I checked up on a few episodes where our boys have been in prison or jail. Also, I might have chosen the weirdest song about prisons as a fan video but it works.

  • Memorable Moments: 3.11 "A Very Supernatural Christmas"

    Welcome to  a Special Memorable Moments! In honour of the Holidays, I have done a  Memorable Moments on Season Three's ' A Very Supernatural Christmas'. Once again I have put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from this episode.  This of course was very hard as every moment of this episode was memorable.  I scaled it down as best as I could! I hope you enjoy it and please share what your picks would be. 

  • Memorable Moments: Supernatural 3.12 - Jus in Bello

    Welcome again to Memorable Moments of "Supernatural" Past. For season three  I chose Jus In Bello. This very action packed episode was the last episode aired before the Writers went on strike.                

  • Finding Lucifer at SDCC 2016: The Supernatural Connection

    There are certain expectations when one receives a press pass for San Diego Comic-Con. The most obvious expectation is that you actually provide press for the movies, television series and stars that are being showcased to their fans. This is unbelievably exciting when the interviews are with the stars of your favorite shows. It's rather intimidating, though, when you are asked to interview the cast of a show you've never seen. That was the case for several of my SDCC 2016 interview assignments, including the show Lucifer. Having just finished its first season on Fox, it was renewed for a celebrated second season so its stars were appearing at Comic-Con for only the second time.

    Not only had I had never seen Lucifer when I was asked to cover this press room, in fact I had made a conscious decision to not watch it as I felt a very strong allegiance to a devil by the name of Mark Pellegrino. I had also determined that there were enough angels, demons, depictions of Hell, and apocalyptic battles in my life given my devotion to a much older show called Supernatural!On a deeper level,  I objected on moral grounds to a show that epitomized Satan as a good guy.
  • Supernatural Fanmade Intros/ Opening Credit Videos

    "The most imaginative people are the most credulous, for them everything is possible." ― Alexander Chase

    After I made the first articles "Top 10 Supernatural Opening Sequences: TV Show Overlay Videos - Part 1" and Part 2 , I found many more  Supernatural introduction videos! Those first two articles showcased videos that introduced Supernatural with the style of other shows, but how about fans' original intros for specific Supernatural seasons or even episodes? What I found is pretty awesome. There is not that much writing in this article but there sure is a lot of eye candy to watch, so grab a coffee cup or a bowl of ice cream because there is lot to see! All of the videos are fairly short but so are the opening credits usually.
  • Nate and Alice Make Supernatural "Frenchy Mistakes"

    I was bopping around the Internet the other day when I came across the "what could have been" section on Supernatural's TV trope page.  "What is this?" I thought.  "It is real world impacts on the SPN stories," I realized.  It was all pretty fascinating!  So fascinating I knew I had to ask the person who knew most about what goes on behind the scenes of the show... Jensen Ackles!  Unfortunately the court order is still in effect so I had to use my editor signal and summon the person who knows the second most about what goes on behind the scenes, our own site-overlord, Alice Jester!  So we had a sit down to discuss rumors and story possibilities about what could have been (and if this proves popular enough, submit more rumors you've heard and Alice & I will do another one).

  • “I’m Sorry, Have You Met Me?" I'm Nate!

    Too much time passes and old friends seem like strangers.
    Not enough time can make strangers stay strangers.
    With this in mind, it's time to POP by for a visit with our Contributing Staff at THE WINCHESTER FAMILY BUSINESS.

    The WFB Writing Staff was challenged to select eleven questions to answer from an extensive list. 
    When you are done reading, we would like to challenge you to answer a few of the questions that our staff member answered.
    Long-time visitors or new ones, we'd like to get to know you better, too.

    Welcome another brave writer who accepted the SEASON ELEVEN/ ANSWER ELEVEN CHALLENGE!

  • Nate's "Official" Supernatural Viewing Guide

    As the Season 11 hiatus begins for real, many of us are making Supernatural rewatch plans. Fans who are new to Supernatural may be contemplating how to catch-up on ELEVEN years of our fantastic show. Nate Winchester's Official Supernatural Viewing Guide to the rescue!

  • Supernatural Haiku Episode Guide, Season Three

    Welcome to season three of the haiku episode guide! This one is shorter than all the others, since the season was truncated by the writers' strike that year. Things would have been VERY different, but for that: according to Kripke, his original plan never had Dean going to Hell, relying instead on Sam using his demon-given powers to free Dean from his deal. Kripke's original plan never included angels, either. Even not knowing that, how would YOU have briefly summarized each of this season's episodes?

  • Auld Lang Syne: Elle's Favorite Reflections on Supernatural

    In 2009 when I first wrote this short piece, I was a newer member of the WFB writing family and my life was in a very different place. At the time, Supernatural was constantly amazing me with not only the forethought going into the storylines but the longevity of the continuity and the care put into these details; particularly compared to many other television shows.

    I chose this piece as part of the Auld Lang Syne reflection series because here we are, so many years later and the show itself has undergone many changes and is many storylines away from where things where back in November 2009 - but it still continues to impress me.
  • Auld Lang Syne: Elle2's Favorite Reflections on Supernatural

    Auld Lang Syne, literally translated from an old Scottish dialect means ‘Old Long Ago’, and as most of us probably already know, either intellectually or emotionally, it is about love and friendship in times past.  Supernatural is an old friend, and like many an old friend, I have had good times and bad times with it.  I am happy to say there have been many more good than bad, and while it is not quite the closest friend as it once was, it does still bring a smile to my face and a warmth to my emotional heart, and I feel that it will always be fondly remembered by me, even when its time has passed, which is not yet.

    During this year’s winter hellatus, I have joined my fellow writers here at WFB in remembering some of my past literary efforts.  I do not have 1600 articles as Alice does to choose from; in comparison my offerings are paltry.  I do have over six years of writings at my disposal to peruse, from weekly reviews to closer looks at various writers, musings on the music and the sets.  I remember those heady days in 2009 and then 2010 when Alice and I plugged away at our computers week in and week out, loving every minute of it, and happily seeing conversations, some quite lively, blossom online.
  • A Very Supernatural Christmas – aka My Favorite Episode

    "A Very Supernatural Christmas" – aka My Favorite Episode (Tied with "Mystery Spot")

    If I had to choose, Dean is the character I most enjoy watching on Supernatural; however, in reality, I’m a lot like Sam…probably why I don’t love watching him as much, because sometimes it just hits too close to home.

  • Go Beyond the Gag Reel: Season Three Special Features

    Much like Supernatural's season three itself, the special features are a bit short thanks to that Writer's Strike. There's a lack of deleted scenes and commentary---and there's no special Blu Ray exclusive features. What's there, though, are illuminating and fascinating looks behind the scenes. We're allowed to glimpse further into various episodes, to see more confessional footage from the Ghostfacers, and two longer features first concerning all the visual effects---a combination of make up, costume, and digital effects---and a peek inside the inner workings of the third character of the series: Baby, the Impala.

    So, let's dig into the special features of season three, shall we?
  • Supernatural Fun Facts: Season Three

    Here we go, another round by popular demand, Supernatural Fun Facts!  This week, the very troubled but still wildly entertaining season three.  
  • Supernatural Season 3 Hits and Misses - Part Two

    It's time to take a look way back at season three as Elle picks her hits and misses for the second half of the season.

  • Supernatural Season Three: Hits and Misses - Part One



    There probably isn't much need to explain why this is a hit - it was a pretty genius move. Not only was this episode full of hysterical moments like Dean's obliviousness to the entire loop and Sam's increasing deja  vu to the point of taking an ax to the Mystery Spot, but it had such creative deaths. Finally, this was an episode that played on our emotions like no other: at the beginning we had a truly unexpected and emotional death. This was quickly followed by scenes of a soapy shower Mohawk, catching the falling hot sauce and being mauled by a golden retriever. And of course, at the half way point, hilarity at its peak, we are jolted back to a harsh death and even more alarming grief on Sam's part. Yes, this episode was creative, emotional, funny and above all, a hit.

  • Season 8 Countdown: Jeremy Carver Episode Reviews, "Mystery Spot"

    Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy!  On tap for today's Carver episode review is only one of the best episodes of "Supernatural" EVER!  That's right, it's "Mystery Spot!"  Can you believe this was only his third episode of the show?  Incredible!  Let's get right to the good stuff.  And there's going to be a LOT of good stuff.