• Mallena's Musings: Supernatural 13.09 "The Bad Place"

    Speak of the devil; Jack reunites with the Winchesters in this quite serviceable Supernatural episode.  Lacking in some ways, but great in others…let’s review, shall we?

  • Thoughts on Supernatural 13.09: “The Bad Place”

    And that folks, is how we do a mid-season finaleSupernaturalstyle! Drama, visual effects, emotional impact and some serious new-level, edge of the cliff moments at the end that left this viewer breathless and excited.

  • Threads: Supernatural 13.09 "The Bad Place"

    The Morning After

    Supernatural’s season 13 mid-season finale, “The Bad Place”, was nothing less than mind-blowing, on multiple levels. First and foremost, the episode was intense. It wove together several stories, each focusing on a unique, well-written character who faced a crossroad in their life. Each person’s anguish at having to make difficult choices in crisis situations filled the hour with deep emotion – emotion that was transferred very effectively to the audience through fabulous acting and heart-pounding music. Season 13’s character creation has been truly impressive.

  • Threads: Supernatural 13.06 "Tombstone"

    The Morning After

    Supernatural episode 13.6, “Tombstone”, was a fun monster-of-the-week episode, meant to mirror the lightened mood in the bunker now that Cas is back. Dean particularly was all smiles, his inner fanboy squeeng over old west gunslingers and mementos. Is there an Old West theme park? Sam needs to take Dean there for their next vacation!

  • Threads: Supernatural 13.04 "The Big Empty"

    The Morning After

    Another great episode!
    That’s four in a row!
    Just 19 more to go!
    I’m loving this show!

    Season 13 is delivering everything I love about Supernatural.  Feelings, conversations, reactions, apologies, confusion, revelations - all of it is pure and honest. Writer Meredith Glynn did an outstanding job with “The Big Empty”. It was heartfelt and real, with emotion, suspense and excitement, plus it advanced the season’s stories in meaningful and significant ways. I don’t know if it was Castiel’s return, Dean’s breakthrough, Sam again voicing his feelings, or Jack’s warm smiles, but this episode seemed to have a renewed energy that I haven’t sensed in a long time in Supernatural. Jared and Jensen gave excellent performances as usual, but there seemed to be more intensity in their interactions, something unusual.

  • Threads: Supernatural 13.03 "Patience"

    The Morning After

    There is so much to say about Supernatural 13.3 “Patience”! Themes of death, grief, controlling power, family, friends, and teens discovering their talents and exploring how they feel about themselves in the face of conflicting input from the people in their lives, all combined to create a multi-layered, engaging story. The long overdue return of Missouri Moseley and the spectacular surprise return of Castiel added the excitement of loving reunion to the story as well. “Patience” elicited a full spectrum of emotion ranging from enraged fury, stemming from two notable issues with the episode, to emapthetic sympathy, to surprised elation. Overall "Patience" was another great season 13 episode! 

  • Threads: Supernatural 13.02 "The Rising Son"

    Four Days Later

    Following on the heels of a fabulous season 13 premiere episode, “The Rising Son” was a tense, suspenseful, thoughtful second chapter in the story of Jack, the misunderstood all-powerful-being child. Once again, Alexander Calvert’s nuanced portrayal of the most powerful creature on earth housed inside a naïve, well-intentioned 3 day, 17 hours and 42 minute old teenager gave the character an emotional depth that was engaging and edgy. Throughout the episode, I held my breath along with Sam and Dean to see if Jack's father’s or mother’s genes would rule his actions at any given moment.

  • Thoughts on Supernatural 13.01: "Lost and Found"

    Aaaannndddd we’re back! Right, exactly where we left off, Supernaturalpicks up in the heart-shredding, creepy moment that it left us oh, so many months ago to learn what exactly happens when a Nephilim enters the world with the Winchester brothers there to bear witness. Hint: chaos, drama and pain. The premiere of season thirteen was nothing to enter lightly, and though it certainly didn’t address every dangling thread from last spring, the main story of Jack was handled with laser point focus and, "Lost and Found" didn’t disappoint on the emotional fronts either.

  • Threads: Supernatural 13.01 "Lost and Found"

    Welcome back to another year of Supernatural “Threads”! Each week, “Threads” examines the words spoken by the characters in our favorite drama to understand deeper meanings and uncover underlying themes in the complex saga of Sam and Dean Winchester. Some “threads” are obvious and some span several years, but others are subtle, hidden in dialog that would otherwise be overlooked. I remain as spoiler free as possible and share with you my first impressions of each episode so we take the journey of discovery together as we unravel Supernatural’s secrets!   

    The Morning After

    First I have to shout as loudly as possible: That was absolutely AWESOME!! Supernatural’s season 13 premiere “Lost and Found” was the best of what Supernatural can be.  My heart is still bursting with joy at being reunited with the emotionally vulnerable, breathless storytelling that captured my loyalty many, many years ago. While the title “Lost and Found” obviously refers to the void faced by the story’s characters, I can’t help but believe it also refers to finding the emotional connection that was lost in so many of Supernatural’s episodes in recent seasons. For me, Supernatural found its center again, the emotional depth that embraces and envelops, tying me irrevocably to Sam and Dean Winchester.  Superb acting conveyed the raw emotion of grief so fresh and deep the mind cannot yet process what has happened; and the terror of being thrust into a dangerous world, completely alone, without the loving guidance or protection you were promised.

  • Let's Speculate: Supernatural 13.01 "Lost and Found"

    Welcome back to Supernatural! In its thirteenth season premiere called “Lost and Found,” the show picks up where it ended in the May season finale. Sam is in the bedroom with the newborn yet adolescent Jack while Dean is still outside near Castiel’s dead body. Dean gets up and rushes into the house and interrupts Sam and Jack, who is calling out to Sam as if he were his “father.” Dean shoots at Jack and Sam tries to stop him but Jack does some powerful scream and knocks them out.