• Behind the Scenes: The Supernatural "Family Don't End With Blood" Launch Party!


    On May 10, 2017, at The Study in Los Angeles, California, 150 fans and actors from the TV showSupernatural assembled to launch a new book named after one of the fundamental tenets of the show.  Family Don’t End With Blood is a tribute to the emotional and deeply personal changes that have taken place in so many lives because of the uncommon love and support surroundingSupernatural. Since only a tiny fraction of theSupernatural Family could attend the party in person, a fan made a video of the entire evening so everyone could share its joy. The book belongs to the worldwide fandom; so should its party, as the sentiments expressed by the book’s contributors are repeated a thousand times across the globe.  I was privileged to be a part of both the book and the launch party. In the spirit of the openness that made the book possible, I share this account of what went on behind the scenes of the party, to bring you all one step closer to being there yourself.

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  • Family Don't End With Blood - Revelations from Supernatural Cast and Fans

    Family Don’t End with Blood: How Supernatural Has Changed Lives

    Edited by Lynn Zubernis, Released May 9, 2017

    When one thinks of Supernatural or the SPN Family that has formed around it, many thoughts can come to mind. No matter your thoughts or opinions on various seasons, characters, story-lines, or more, it is the fandom community that has really and truly made this show special. The television series may be the common bond that drew every fan or cast member providing a story in this book together, but it is the bonds of humanity that really keep them together for life. Supernatural, as a television series, has changed lives. It has provided inspiration, escapism, and good storytelling that allows us to face our own inner demons. It has given us a chance to see the world differently, awakening passions in us that we may not have realized we possessed. 

    What we find in Family Don't End With Blood is the essence of the show and the fandom that surrounds it distilled to its very best. It gives us a real glimpse and a real understanding as to why so many fans have lasted with the series for well over a decade. It explores the beautiful relationships that the cast has built first as fellow cast members and through the convention circuit that has formed around the series. We have stories of triumph and defeat, hope and despair, joy and sorrow, and everything in between. We have people at their highest and their lowest---sometimes all within the same essay. Many of the essays discuss the reasons why the show drew them in and kept them there---and why the fandom that they found is the real reason they stayed. It's a snapshot of what the power of our combined goodness and humanity can really bring to the world---a hopeful glimpse of what the world could really be if we simply got out of our own way and accepted one another who we really are---warts and all.