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  • Auld Lang Syne: Bardicvoice's Favorite Supernatural Reflections

    For my "old long ago," I blew the dust off my two 2013 dissertations on the show's use of angels  - one as a group, and one specifically on Castiel - to set the stage for a "new, more recent" look at what the show has done with angels since then. While I organize my thoughts for an update on Supernatural's latest angel entourage, enjoy revisiting my past angelic musings - and that amazing linked 2009 Mo Ryan interview with Eric Kripke!
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  • elle2's Review - "Sympathy For The Devil"

    Sympathy for the Devil; Elle2's thoughts:
    AC/DC is always a good opener, not a song I'm that familiar with so I couldn't get all the words, but it did its job very well, Season 4 was recapped breathlessly and then we were launched into Season 5 - what a setup!
    In typical Eric Kripke fashion this script contained a lot, so much that repeated viewings are necessary - poor us. There is a lot to love about this script and some moments where I said "yeah, but what about" and while there were some pacing issues, on the whole it is better than its parts. Its no "Devil's Trap" or "IMTOD" or "NRFTW" or "Lazarus Rising" but its no "Magnificent Seven" or "All Hell Breaks Loose, II." I've watched it three times and I like it better each time and as a setup for the entire season to come, it does its job excellently.
  • Eric Kripke's "Timeless": Premiere Screening at SDCC

    One of the byproducts of Supernatural entering its 12th season is the ever-expanding list of talentedSupernatural alumni. They are still part of the SPNFamily, but they have all moved onto new projects and new shows.The Winchester Family Business has always followed the careers of past cast, crew and staff members through social media flashes,  daily headlines on our News Page and weekly “Bits and Pieces” news summaries. To take our coverage to the next level and truly bring you the best reports on as many new projects as possible, this past July both Alice and I attended San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). Our access doubled the number of press rooms and show panels we could bring to you.Timeless, Eric Kripke’s new show, screened its first episode at SDCC.
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    April 24 was Baby's 50th birthday and Eric Kripke's 43rd. Congratulations flooded in from our cast.
  • Mini Review - "In My Time of Dying"

    "In My Time of Dying"
    --Robin's Rambles
    --Robin Vogel
    John Winchester is declared dead at 10:41 AM. His stricken sons, Sam and Dean, watch in sorrow as the hospital staff tries but is unable to revive him. He had seemed fine just moments before.
    In the aftermath of the devastating accident between the Impala and the semi, the possessed truck driver pulls the door off the car to find Sam pointing the Colt at him. The driver knows that bullet is meant for someone else, but Sam vows to shoot him with it anyway. When the demon exits the poor driver, he driver is horrified: "Did I do this?"
    Dean, in limbo between the worlds of life and death, sees himself on life support. Separately, using the same expression, he and Sam both come up with the idea of getting some hood priest to lay some mojo on him and bring him back. There is a reaper roaming the hospital, bringing dying people to the other side, and Dean realizes it's here for him. When he conveys that to Sam during a hilarious and brilliantly-done scene of the two of them over an Ouija board (called a "talking board" for stupid reasons, I'm sure), it becomes obvious to both of them that a reaper can't be stopped; Dean is doomed.

  • Mini Review - "Shadow"

    I'm not sure what it is about "Shadow," but it's not one of my favorites.  After re-watching I figured out why. For a good chunk of the episode, it isn't thrilling. It's boring actually. Since the plot isn't so great, the strengths of the episode easily come from the Winchester family drama. 
  • Recap - "Lucifer Rising"

    Here we go, the last recap of season four! I hope the ten of you that read these things enjoy this one, for its one of my longest yet. Too many scenes triggered the thought process!

    I tingle with anticipation the second "The Road So Far" comes up, because I know what's coming. The season summary to the traditional season finale theme song, "Carry On Wayward Son." So, is it awesome compared to the other seasons? Hell yeah, maybe even more so, since this season was so good. I'm calling season four the series best. There, I said it. I especially got all stoked at the "Don't you cry no more," as Sam walks out on Dean from the previous episode. Awesome.

    It's the St. Mary's Convent Ilchester, Maryland in 1972. There's a chapel, and you know since this is Kripke's episode that some very wicked crap is about to go down. In this case, a priest at the alter gets a pretty big stream of black smoke crammed down his throat. Must be a high on the food chain demon. This priest now comes with cavalier attitude when lecturing nuns, who are scared over his behavior, but not scared enough to run for their lives. Silly nuns.

    We pretty much know it's Azazel before even seeing the yellow eyes just by the way he talks. After blah, blah, blahing his way through The Lords Prayer, he mentions how he feels like he's been wandering the desert for years. Considering in the Book of Enoch, Azazel was bound and cast into the desert as punishment, that's pretty much correct. He locks the door and mentions he's been looking for his father, whose in jail because their dad put him there. Ah, get it, he's looking for Lucifer.

    SPN 0069

    He goes on to reveal that the very convent they're in is the place where his father's cage door is. "Life is funny." A nun tries to interrupt and gets a "Shut your freaking pie hole you little slut!" Okay nuns, this is the point where you guys are supposed to start running because something isn't right. The priest smiles and goes on over the irony of the place. The location does kind of make sense, since his dad used to be an angel. He theorizes that some dumb bastard got a jolt of "holy juice" and decided to build a "nun factory." "Right idea, wrong angel." His eyes go yellow, he pulls out a knife, and says "So um, if any of you gals are the praying type, now would be good time to start." Then behind the closed (and locked) doors we hear nuns screaming while the camera moves in on a heavenly angel statue. Nothing is sacred with Kripke, is it?

    Bird of the apocalypse and yes, they're for real this time.

    A slow focus on a very pensive (and somber) Sam. There's an abandoned house, and Ruby's yellow classic mustang. Other than the fact it's a 69 Mach, I've never been impressed with Ruby's car. Maybe because I'm more partial to the 1965 convertible models. Plus I hate that color. Sam is lost in his own depressive funk, and Ruby tries to play friend, but sucks at it. Sam is ready to go, but Ruby presses further. She tells him Dean was wrong for what he said to him but Sam says he was right. "I don't blame him after what I did."

    Ruby tries to give him the consolation, they'll patch things up after. "You're talking like I've got an after," Sam replies. "I can feel it inside me Ruby. I've changed, for good. There's no going back now." Ruby tries again, but Sam insists on staying in self-loathing mode. "Look, I know what I gotta do. It's okay, I'm just saying, Dean's better off as far away from me as possible." Sam's ready to get this done with and they get a move on. Enough with the pity party Sam! Call your brother.


    Now, it's time for the same slow focus onto Dean's pensive face. Oh you two, you're killing me with this family strife! Bobby calls out to Dean, and instantly Dean has the better end of the deal. I'll take Bobby over Ruby any day! Dean is in Bobby's library, looking out the window. Bobby asks if he's heard a word he's said. Dean refuses to call Sam. "Don't make me get my gun boy," Bobby tells him. Mental note, don't get on the wrong side of Bobby. Dean defends they are too close to Armageddon and they've got "bigger fish to fry." Bobby tries to talk sense into him, trying to remind Dean that no matter what Sam's done he's his brother and he's drowning, but Dean has a pity party of his own. "It's too late."

    Bobby tells him to try again, but Dean is being a whiny brat. "I've gotta face the facts. Sam never wanted part of this family. He hated this life, ran away to Stanford first chance he got. Now it's like deja  vu all over again. Well I'm sick and tired of chasing him. Screw him, he can do what he wants. Sam's gone, he's gone. I'm not sure if he's still my brother anymore. If he ever was."

    Bobby, not being the fan of whining, turns around, throws everything off his desk in one clean swipe and let's Dean have it. "You stupid, stupid, son of a bitch! Well boo hoo, I am so sorry your feelings are hurt, PRINCESS. Are you under the impression that family's suppose to make you feel good? Make you an apple pie maybe? They're supposed to make you miserable! That's why they're family!" Bobby, this is the most awesome you've been in a LONG line of awesome. I bow right now to your greatness. Another thing I bow too? Kripke for not killing Bobby. We get him in season five! I'm so relieved that I don't mind that this is his only scene in the episode.

    Dean brings up how he told Sam not to walk out the door and he did anyway, and Bobby not only points out that Dean sounds like a whiny brat (see!), he sounds like John. He calls John a coward. Dean takes offense, but Bobby has a great point. "He'd rather push Sam away rather than reach out to him. That don't strike me as brave. You are a better man that your daddy ever was. So you do both of us a favor, and don't be him."

    Dean swallows his pride and says nothing, turning back to the window to think it through. He turns around when he realizes Bobby is right, but suddenly he's not in South Dakota anymore. He's in Jupiter and the Infinite Beyond from 2001: A Space Odyssey.Kripke you twisted bastard. Castiel greets him with that trademark, "Hello Dean," and tells him it's almost time, like the world's gonna end or something. Oh wait, it is.

    SPN 0242

    Time for Kripke to twist that proverbial 'worst nightmare' knife in our guts, for possessed nurse from last week has found herself an adorable newborn boy to snag. She wheels this adorable sleeping baby down the hall after he's been with mom and dad and does a very twisted version of "pat-a-cake," all while looking at the child like he's a delectable entrée. No, I'm not bothered by this (sarcasm). Of course just as it seems she's made her getaway, she goes flying against the wall courtesy of an amped up Sam Winchester. "We need to talk." Whew, no babies were harmed in the making of this episode.

    Back to Dean, who's checking out the room and being strangely calm for someone being kept there against his will. He passes by a table with a lovely red vase (what's the accent color in season five, black?), admires the luxury surroundings complete with pictures on the wall of idyllic settings, then is suddenly stunned as his favorite beer from "What Is And What Should Never Be" and a huge plate of thick cheeseburgers are there on the table. Do these angels actually think Dean can be bought so easily?

    Suddenly with Castiel is the big boss angel himself, Zachariah. He greets Dean with a warm smile and tons of enthusiasm. Yep, he's evil. Dean still has his sense of humor, for he says in return, "Well look at this. The suite life with Zack and Cas." The angels don't get the reference, but I'm dying! My kids watch that nauseating show on the Disney channel daily. Isn't Kripke's kid too young to watch that show? How does he exactly know The Disney Channel that well?

    Dean tries to explain the joke, then says never mind. He gets to the point. Why is he there? Zack says that it's like a green room and they're closing in on the grand finale. They want to keep him safe before show time. He offers Dean a burger, mentioning they're his favorite, from that seaside shack in Delaware when he was eleven. Considering I'm often visiting family in Delaware, somebody better cough up the name of that place now! Those burgers look good.

    SPN 0288

    Dean isn't hungry. Aww, remember the days when he'd never turn down free food? This whole apocalypse mess has changed him. Zachariah is going out of his way to be accommodating, even offering up every young man's fantasy, season two Ginger from Gilligan's Island (when the show went to color) and Mary Ann for free. So does that mean Dean likes redheads? Hot dog! I'm so in.

    Dean only has two words for that. "Tempting, weird." He wants to "bail on the holodeck," and pop culture references in this scene are swarming like flies! Dean asks for the game plan. Zachariah doesn't want to share, and tells Dean they'll worry about that while Dean stays focused and relaxed. Dean gets madder because he's all about getting answers, and he threatens to leave. "Start talking Chuckles." Aww, Dean and his pet names again. I've mentioned this a few times before, but I never get tired of saying my secret pet name for Dean. "Pookie."

    All the seals have fallen, except one. Dean jokes "That's an impressive score. That's right up there with the Washington Generals." Man has it been a long time since I've seen the Harlem Globetrotters play. They used to be on TV every Saturday afternoon. Yes, I'm showing my age. Dean is harshly reminded that he's the one that started this. Yes Dean, people in glass houses. Oh, but the final seal is different, for only Lilith can break it and its happening tomorrow at midnight. Dean asks where, but only gets a "we're working on it," answer. Like he expected something straight forward from these guys.

    Notice how during all this Castiel is just standing like a statue in the background? I'm sure Misha read that part of the script and said "Alright!" Anyway, Dean asks what he's supposed to do. He doesn't need to worry about that right now. He wants to know how he's supposed to stop Lilith, like with the knife or something. You know Dean that doesn't work. "All in good time," Zachariah tells him. "Isn't now a good time?" Dean shoots back. He's told to have faith. Dean asks for one reason why he should. "Because you swore your obedience, so obey." Oh, if looks could kill, Zachariah would be stone dead.

    SPN 0365

    Baby cooking demon wakes up to find herself pinned to a table. Badass Sam arrives and man is he hot when he's like this. She asks where the devil's trap is and Sam mentions he doesn't need one. "Well look at you, all roided up. It's like A-Rod and Madonna over here." Hee, she's a funny smart-ass demon.

    Sam asks where Lilith is, but the demon isn't scared. She asks what's her up side since she's in a no-win situation, for either Sam will kill her or Lilith will. Sam snarls and tells her she should worry about what happens before she dies and pulls out his hand of doom. Demon screams her fool head off. I also noticed that they're in the same abandoned house as from "I Know What You Did Last Summer." I always loved that set, despite the hot demon monkey sex that happened in that room.

    SPN 0392

    Dean holds onto the cell phone and finally realizes he has nothing to lose. He gets Sam's voice mail. "Hey, it's me, uh, look I'll just get right to it. I'm still pissed, and I owe you a serious beat down, but (long pause), I shouldn't have said what I said. I'm not dad, we're brothers, we're family, and not matter how bad it gets that doesn't change. Sammy I'm sor-." Phone cuts him off. What's really cool is the next shot shows Dean all alone in this beautiful room, looking pretty small in the middle of it. Awesome directors trick in the story telling. He's truly isolated.

    SPN 0405

    Sam does his thing on the demon more, she screams bloody murder, and she'll tell him if he kills her. She reveals Lilith will be at the St. Mary's convent in Ilchester, Maryland tomorrow night at midnight. Sam wants to know the final seal is, but she doesn't know. Uh, Sam, I know you're getting really good at your demon torture with your mind thing, but wasn't that a little too easy? Something tells me they want you there.

    Sam wants to kill the demon as promised, but Ruby stops him. They need her alive, for Ruby doesn't have enough blood and this one will give him what he needs. Demon calls Ruby a bitch (which is what she is), and Ruby just gloats that you can't trust anyone these days. No Ruby, no one can trust you. Then, other demon gets ruthless and goes deep into the subconscious, thus letting the nurse she's possessing, Cindy McKellan surface. Nurse pleads for help, Sam and Ruby aren't happy.

    SPN 0521

    Back to 1972, and Azazel in priest suit bows at the altar surrounded by slaughtered nuns. So lovely, isn't he? He confesses he's not the praying type, but mentions he did make the sacrifice. "I got you a bag full of nuns. So, uh, can you hear me? Can you whisper through the door?" Sure enough, Lucifer ends up channeling through a dead nun draped on the altar. Gotta love the imagery. Azazel mentions he's been looking for him for so long. The others have lost faith, but not him. After being told he's done well, Azazel asks what he can do to get him out. Lilith will break the seals. Azazel isn't sure how that'll be possible, but asks what he can do to help. "Find me a child, a very special child." Azazel is confused, and asks "what child?"

    SPN 0522

    So, next shot, there's Sam! Special child himself. Sam's on the laptop and its great abandoned houses get wireless Internet access these days. He reads about the disemboweling of "a bag full of nuns" at St. Mary's in 1972. "What's black and white and red all over?" Ruby jokes, but Sam doesn't have his sense of humor today. Oh come on Sam, lighten up. He goes on about how the priest said he was possessed and even remembered the demon's name, Azazel. Since this place involves the A-listers (there's only two demons on that list?), it must be where they have to go. Ruby tells him they need to grab "nurse betty" and leave.

    Sam is hesitant because, you still, he has an actual conscience. He asks Ruby if they can't let the nurse go and find another demon. Ruby switches to cold hearted bitch mode (okay, she was always there) and points out its all an act. There's still a hellbitch inside her. Then Ruby really twists the screws. "Come on, it's not like you haven't done this before, right?" Oh, bring that up! You left him high and dry you bitch, so he had to snack somewhere. Sam just pouts. Come on Sam, you choked Dean over talking trash to you, but you spare Ruby?

    Sam drags the desperately pleading for her life nurse out to the car. She tells him her name and that she has a husband who's probably worried about her, but Sam is acting all mean and dangerous and stuffs her into the trunk of the Mach while she screams. Sam closes the trunk, and the guilt tears him apart as he hears her muffled cries. This isn't you Sam, don't do it!

    Meanwhile, back in Shangri-La, Dean is still being a bit too patient for my tastes. He looks at an angel statue, gets this wicked impulse and casually knocks the statue over. Then Castiel shows up and Dean acts like he's busted. Gotta love Dean's inner mischievous streak.

    SPN 0582

    "You wanted to see me?" Castiel asks. Dean wants a favor, he needs to see Sam. Castiel asks why. "There's something I want to talk to him about." "What?" "The BM I took this morning, what's it to you?" Ah, that's what you get Castiel for being a nosy angel. Cas doesn't think it would be wise, to which Dean points out he didn't ask for his opinion. Castiel asks Dean if he's forgotten what happened the last time they met. Of course Dean hasn't forgotten, so that's exactly why he wants to see Sam. He wants to tie up this one thing before going off to do his mission. Castiel says no anyway. Oh Cas, you know never to tell Dean no. It makes him angry. Dean pushes farther, asking if he's trapped there. I love this rapid fire dialogue between the two:

    Castiel: You can go anywhere you want.
    Dean: Super, I want to see Sam.
    Castiel: Except there.
    Dean: I want to talk a walk.
    Castiel: Fine I'll go with you.
    Dean: Alone.
    Castiel: No.

    Dean gets disgusted and says he's out of there. He goes to the door, but Castiel in a creepy way tells him "Through what door?" Dean looks at him puzzled, turns around and the door is gone. He turns back to Castiel and he's gone too. I'd say that's a pretty good hint that he's trapped.

    Sam and Ruby are in the Mustang, and Sam looks on his phone at the voice mail message prompt from Dean. Ruby tells him to play it, he tells her to mind her own business. You know Sam, that doesn't work with Dean, and it won't with Ruby either. They're into your business, like it or not. In the background are the horrifying screams of nurse Cindy. This is tearing Sam apart, while Ruby is pretty calm. Sam wishes she would shut up. Ruby, all smug, says she can arrange that. Sam looks at her like she's evil, which she is. "I don't get it," she says. "All the demons you cut with the knife, what do you think happens to the host? How is this any different?" "Is that supposed to make me feel better?" Sam asks. Um, no Sam, it isn't. She's evil, remember?

    Ruby points out they're in the final lap and now's not the time to be feeling this way. Sam is really appalled by Ruby's heartlessness. "I'm about the bleed and drink and innocent woman while she watches." Ruby, being the lying bitch she is, replies "And save the world as a result." Okay, your definition of saving the world anyway. Then Sam has this awesome moment of clarity (which doesn't last) and finally says it. "I don't know, I'm starting to think that Dean was right." "About what?" Ruby asks. "About everything." He is right about everything Sam! Listen to your inner voice. Ruby asks if he's going see this through, and Sam has that look of uncertainty..

    SPN 0680

    I can't help but think this is the end of "Jus In Bello" coming full circle. I finally get that ending now. For whatever reason, aside from it being totally demonic and evil, Ruby is getting kicks out of throwing Sam into these moral situations where there is no win and pushing him toward the darker path. He has to go against everything in his nature in order to make one sacrifice that supposedly will serve the greater good. Except it doesn't, something Dean saw in "Jus In Bello." Such a sacrifice involves throwing away the rule book. Now, without Dean to intervene, Sam can't wrap his head around the rule book and is probably thinking about those six deaths he could have prevented when they refused to sacrifice the virgin. Except he doesn't realize that he likely couldn't have prevented them, for Lilith would have killed them anyway. It's all part of the demon manipulation plan, and Sam's only voice of reason through it all is Dean. Without him, he's vulnerable. That's likely why they were eager to get Dean into Hell.

    Okay, now for the dinger! Dean is pounding into the drywall with a candlestick base when Zachariah shows up. Dean turns and the wall is miraculously repaired. "Quit throwing feces like a howler monkey," Zachariah tells him. Come on Zach, he's technically a caged animal right now.

    Dean is angry, and demands they let him out of there. Zack points out its too dangerous out there, demons on the prowl. Liar! Dean isn't buying it. "I've been getting my ass kicked all year, and now you're sweating my safety?" Then he tells Zack he's lying. He wants to see Sam. Zack says that's ill advised. Dean goes off, throwing an insult about being sick of seeing his fat face and demanding to know why he can't see Sam and how he's supposed to ice Lilith. Oh Dean, you know what happens when you start demanding answers. You get them, and they suck.

    Zack essentially gives the jig up. "You're not." Dean is shocked. Zack goes on. Lilith is going to break the final seal. "Fait accompli at this point, the train's left the station." Asshole. While unveiling the dastardly plot, Zachariah sits in front of a large mirror, and that mirror shows his reflection in endless repeating pattern. How cool is that? It's the house of mirrors; its all an illusion and we don't know what's real.

    Dean says they can stop it, and then realizes Zack doesn't want to stop it. "No, never did. The end is nigh, the apocalypse is coming to a theater near you," he says with absolute excitement. Dean is dismayed. "What was all that crap about saving seals?" It seems it was just a ploy to keep subordinates like Castiel in line. Otherwise they'd have a full scale rebellion on their hands. "Think about it. Would we really let 65 seals get broken unless senior management wanted it that way?" Well that plan worked. I guess that's what happens when you're dealing with a few thousand years of trained monkeys.

    Dean asks why. Zack goes into an evil diatribe that essentially equates what's happening to Ali-Foreman on a slightly larger scale. I'll say. As Zack goes on boasting about how much they like their chances, Dean looks up at the pictures on the wall and they aren't so serene anymore. They depict dark battles involving demons and Hell. "When our side wins, and we will, its paradise on earth. What's not to like about that?" Dean ain't feeling the warm fuzzies.

    SPN 0751

     Dean has a good question. "What happens to all the people during your little pissing contest?" Zack has all the answers. "Well, you can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs. In this case, truckloads of eggs, but you get the picture." Then, just like Ruby, Zack goes for the less than consoling reality of things. "Look, it happens. This isn't the first planetary enema we've delivered." Asshole. Dean looks at an angelic statue, which is now dark instead of white, and Zack points out to Dean that bashing his head in wouldn't be a good idea right now. True, but I'm sure it'll make Dean feel better!

    Ah, but Dean still has hope. He asks about Sam, and says that he won't go quietly, he'll take care of Lilith. Zack mentions that Sam has a very important part to play in all this, and might need a little "nudging" in the right direction, but Zack will make sure he plays it. Now Dean is all worried, and wants to know what that means and what he's going to do to Sam. The spectrum of emotions Dean is going through in this scene is incredible. Jensen, again you've blown us away. I collapse in his greatness.

    "Sam, Sam, Sam, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia." Now Kripke is pulling The Brady Bunch? Wow, will he stop at nothing? Zack brushes off Dean's concern with Sam, and tells him they weren't lying about his destiny ("Just omitted a few pertinent details). They still have greater plans for him. He's chosen, he will stop it, just not Lilith and the Apocalypse, that's all. He's going to stop Lucifer. "You're our own Russell Crowe complete with surly attitude." Ha! I'm willing to bet Kripke had that line tucked away for a while, dying for the right chance to use it. He did!

    When it's over and they've won, Dean's rewards will be unimaginable. "Peace, happiness, two virgins and seventy sluts." Dean isn't laughing. "Tell me something," Dean says, "where's God in all this?" "God? God has left the building." Uh oh, something's rotten in Heaven. Then Zack leaves the building too. Dean is all alone, now more chilled than ever. He looks at the graphic painting of Michael defeating Lucifer and realizes how screwed he is.

    SPN 0793

    A security guard is at the abandoned convent, and we know he's toast. He turns and sees Lilith all dressed in white. Yep, toast.

    Back to Dean, who isn't so calm anymore. He tries the cell phone, it doesn't work anymore. The camera shows Dean alone, then goes behind a post and suddenly Castiel is there. The king of cool entrances. "You're outside of your coverage zone." I'll say! Dean's thoughts are of only one person, and his worry really gets me. "What are you going to do to Sam?" Aww, he does care. "Nothing," Castiel replies, "he's gonna do it to himself." Dean wants specifics, but Castiel just gives him that evasive look away. Dean understands, Cas has to tow the company line.

    SPN 0857

    Aww, now Cas cares. "We've been through much together, you and I, and I just wanted to say I'm sorry it ended like this." Dean isn't in the mood for apologies. He hits Castiel, and apparently it's like striking Superman. Castiel turns a cheek but is unaffected, while Dean winces and shakes his stinging hand in pain. I don't think he'll be doing that again. "It's Armageddon Cas, you need a bigger word than sorry." Castiel tries to make argument this is long foretold and Dean's- "Destiny," Dean interrupts. He thinks all this talk of God and destiny is a bunch of crap to keep them both in line. "You want to know what's real? People, families, that's real. And you're gonna watch them all burn?" Castiel doesn't understand what's worth saving, since people are in so much pain. He sees Dean's guilt, anger, and confusion and assures him he'll be at peace, even with Sam.

    SPN 0876

    Oh Cas, do you not know Dean? He's not a peace loving kind of guy. "You can take your peace and shove it up your lily white ass." He'll take the pain, guilt, and Sam as is, for its "a lot better than being a Stepford bitch in paradise." Castiel is confused as hell. Dean tries to appeal to Castiel's sense of right and wrong, and makes Cas turn around and look at him. These two are so deliciously explosive on the screen together. Anyway, Dean guesses Cas was going to help him once and warn him about all this before they dragged him back to "bible camp." He pleads for Cas to help him now. Castiel isn't sure what Dean wants him to do. Get him to Sam and they can stop it before it's too late. Castiel knows what that means. "If I do that, we will all be hunted, we will all be killed." Dean, who apparently still has his "going down swinging" mindset, says "if there is anything worth dying for, this is it." Castiel shakes his head, not convinced, and that sets Dean off more. "You spineless, soulless son of a bitch. What do you care about dying, you're already dead. We're done." Castiel tries to talk but Dean repeats they're done. Castiel leaves and Dean is again alone in the big room, isolated. Love that shot.

    SPN 0946

    Sam and Ruby have stopped at an old road marker that says St. Mary's is in two miles. Sam is really wrestling with his conscience now, for the choice has to be made. Ruby is standing behind him, cleaning out her nails with a knife, eager to get to the gory part. Bitch. Sam needs a minute. Ruby protests and he shouts her down. He pulls out his phone and finally listens to Dean's message, but it's not the one Dean actually left. It's actually very heartbreaking, and this is the one part of the episode that chokes me up, for those words crush Sam. "Listen to me you blood sucking freak. Dad always said I'd have to save you or kill you, well I'll give you fair warning, I'm done trying to save you. You're a monster Sam, a vampire. You're not you anymore, and there's no going back." While Sam closes his watering eyes in devastation, Ruby smiles behind Sam's back. Bitch. He hangs up and tells Ruby to do it. Next we hear a scream as Ruby slices.

    Okay, a few thoughts there before I go on. Zachariah told Dean he had to take a few steps to push Sam in the right direction, so he probably tampered with the message. Of course Ruby judging by her smile knew what the message was, so did she do it? Or did Zack do it, and they're in cahoots? It would kind of make sense that Ruby was working with the angels. I remember seeing a deleted scene from "It's The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester" where Castiel and Uriel were walking in the forest. Castiel was reminding Uriel that their orders were to not only leave Sam alone, but Ruby as well. They both had a purpose. It makes sense now, the higher angels were working with Ruby to play Sam and Dean. It's brilliant, but it's also tragic.

    Also, poor Sam! Since fakeDean called him a monster and he thinks he's not coming out of this alive, he can't do what's right in the end. He'll go out a monster and be done with it. Talk about self-esteem issues. Did he think about the consequences if he survived? I wonder if we'll see his intense guilt over this next season. I wonder if he'll continue on his death wish more than ever.

    Okay, onto the drama. Dean is pacing back and forth pretty frantic now, and sees the burgers in front of him. He goes to eat one but Castiel comes up behind Dean, slams him against the wall and covers his mouth. Aww, come on Cas, wait until the poor boy eats. They look into each other's eyes and come to an understanding while Castiel pulls out the knife. Cas lets Dean go, slices his arm and begins to make the angel banishing sigil in blood on the wall. Hell yeah Cas!! You're going rogue!! That sets up plenty of possibilities for you in season five.


    Zachariah arrives asking Cas what he's doing. Cas finishes what he's doing and puts his hand in the center of the circle while Dean is wise enough to shield his eyes. Zachariah disappears in a flash of white light. Cas tells Dean he won't be gone long and they have to find Sam fast. He doesn't know where Sam is, but he knows who does. Also he says this while giving Dean back the knife. "We have to stop him Dean, from killing Lilith." "But Lilith is the final seal," Dean says. "Lilith is the final seal!" Castiel proclaims. "She dies, the end begins." Dun, dun, duh!

    There's a screenshot of a computer monitor. "Lucifer Rising," by Carver Edlund. It's Chuck the Prophet! Chuck is on the phone, inquiring about rates for hookers. One thousand an hour. Good, he wants twenty for all night. "Lady, sometimes you gotta live like there's no tomorrow." I guess he knows what's coming! BTW, anyone notice that Chuck's house looks rather similar to Bobby's? Hey, if it saves the budget. Chuck turns around and is shocked to find Dean and Castiel behind him. "This isn't supposed to happen." He hangs up on the service.

    Lilith is at the altar with a chalice of blood and sees all her minions in the hallway collapsed. Sam turns the corner in super hopped up mode and with the wave of her hand Lilith closes the door.

    Dean reads the pages, and asks if St. Mary's is a convent. Chuck says yeah, but also points out they to aren't supposed to be there. "You're not in this story." Castiel replies, "We're making it up as we go." Ha! Cas, a funny at a time like this? Dean is rubbing off on you. Suddenly a golden light appears and the room starts shaking. The archangel is back too! Castiel tells Dean to get to Sam while he holds off the archangel. He plants a palm on Dean's forehead and poof, he's in Maryland. Angel transport is cool! That even works faster than a transporter.

    Dean arrives in the hallway at the convent and goes searching. Meanwhile Chuck and Castiel are still dealing with the bright light of the archangel. Chuck puts his hand on Castiel's shoulder, and Castiel intimidates him enough with his look to have him take it back. Oh, how I love the subtle humor in the most intense of circumstances!

    SPN 1102

    Sam barges into the convent chapel, and with quick hand strike in the air flings Lilith against the altar. He looks at her with those revenge filled eyes and pins her against it. Dean arrives in time to see the scene, but Ruby is the only one who notices him and smirks before closing the door with her hand. She's powerful enough to do that? That lying bitch. The camera does this weird thing where it gives several rough cuts of Sam's dying for revenge face. Interesting technique. Sam announces he's been waiting for this for a very long time. "Give me your best shot," Lilith tells him. Oh come on Sam, can't you see right through this?

    More jagged rough cuts between Sam, Ruby and Lilith before Sam sends a few jolts Lilith's way. He stops and turns his head behind him, for he hears a voice. "Dean?" We see a livid Ruby shouting frantically at Sam (but we can barely hear her) asking what he's waiting for. Then Lilith starts laughing at him, and he hears that. "You turned yourself into a freak, a monster and now you're not gonna bite? I'm sorry, but that is honestly adorable." Sam gets really angry, because everyone know his trigger words are "monster" and "freak."

    SPN 1177

    Sam's eyes then turn completely black! Oh no, he's a demon! Okay, he always technically was, but now he really is! Sam puts his hand out all pissed off and zaps the holy hell out of Lilith all with black eyes. He's freaking scary like this. The spark eventually goes out after a few intense jolts, and Lilith gasps falls to the floor dead. Considering there's a whole act left to go in this episode (not to mention a promised cliffhanger), something tells me there will be some fallout from this.

    SPN 1178

    Final act and suddenly a stream of blood oozes from Lilith, and begins to form a pattern on the floor. Sam is puzzled, Ruby is joyous. "I can't believe it, you did it. I mean it was touch and go there for a while but you did it." An alarmed Sam wants to know what he did. "You opened the door, and now he's free at last. He's free at last." Sam still hasn't caught on, proclaiming that he stopped Lilith, so Ruby recites the scripture. "And it is written, that the first demon shall be the last seal."

    Sam clutches his forehead, it all hitting him now, while Ruby gets pretty stoked. "Now guess who's coming to dinner." Another pop culture reference Kripke? How do demons know these so well? Sam in the meantime is still absorbing the shock over the fact that he just started the apocalypse. No, that doesn't look too good on a resume. "Oh my God," Sam says. "Guess again." Ruby is having fun now.

    SPN 1224

    The blood has formed a full circle, and Dean is still trying to bust through the door, which is a great setup for more Ruby monologuing. She tells Sam he doesn't know how hard this was, and goes into full gloating mode. "I was the best of those sons of bitches, the most loyal! Not even Alastair knew! Only Lilith. Yeah, I'm sure you're a little angry right now, oh but come on Sam, even you have to admit, I'm awesome!" You think he's a little angry Ruby? Think again.

    Sam gets all furious and calls Ruby a lying bitch. He puts out both hands to zap her one and ends up falling back in pain. Ruby points out he shot his payload at the boss. So he has limits to his demon killing supply? Interesting. Then it all starts to unfold for poor Sam. "The blood, you poisoned me." Ruby denies it, claiming he didn't need to demon blood, and all Ruby did was present him with choices. He chose the right path every time. No Ruby, you kept berating him with choices and kept pushing his guilt and anger buttons until he caved in. I have to admit though, looking at how all those little choices unfolded over the last two seasons, the manipulation was quite brilliant.

    SPN 1256

    Then Ruby drops the bombshell that takes us to season five. "You didn't need the feather to fly, you had it inside you all along Dumbo." Okay, that reference had to come from Kripke watching Disney DVDs with his kid. I know Dumbo is over sixty years old, but who remembers that lesson unless it involves a recent viewing? Ruby tries talking sense to Sam, even coddling him and calling him Sammy, while talking of a miracle. Everything Lilith and Azazel did to get him there, and he was the only one that could do this. "Why? Why me?" Sam asks. "Because, because it had to be you. It always had to be you." In other words maybe we'll get an answer in season five. Ruby goes on, telling Sam he "set him free" and "he's going to be grateful." "He's gonna repay you in ways you can't ever imagine. By this time Sam looks like he's going to lose his lunch and doesn't share her enthusiasm.

    SPN 1259

    Oh goody, goody, time for the totally awesome part! Dean breaks through the door, and he's pissed! He comes briskly charging forward and yanks out the knife. Ruby gets up, leaving a totally despondent Sam on the ground. "You're too late," she taunts. Dean doesn't stop his brisk charge. "I don't care." Suddenly Sam comes in from behind and grabs Ruby, holding her firm while Dean plunges the knife right into her! She sparks and Dean twists the knife harder! And meaner! Awesome! Finally the sparks go out and Sam drops her on the ground. The wicked witch is dead!

    While I'm visualizing munchkins coming out from the woodwork singing and dancing (or maybe a group of slaughtered nuns), our cliffhanger happens. Sam looks at Dean with the most intense remorse I've ever seen and says "I'm sorry."

    Suddenly, a huge bright light comes from the circle formed by the blood. Dean grabs Sam and says they need to get out of there. Sam grabs onto Dean and they're both clutching onto each other as the light gets more intense. "He's coming," a panicked Sam says as they're both bathed in white light, followed by the credits. Noooooo!!!! You can't do that to us Kripke!

    Oh but he can, and he did. Thanks a bunch. Oh, and "Damn You Kripke!" See you in September! In the meantime, I need to wrap my head around all that's happened this season. I'm exhausted!

  • Recap - "Swan Song"

    I'm going to warn you all right now, this is a 100 percent lovefest. I think many people were unfairly critical of the episode and I'm determined to spell out in exhaustive detail why every single scene is sheer calcuated brilliance. Oh, but in doing that, you’re also in store for one crazy ass long recap. Seriously, it’s a novel. So make sure you’re stocked up on both coffee and Kleenexes. It’s time to kick off this intense emotional rollercoaster. 

    First off is the grand tradition we know and love of our season finales. I've even been guilty thus far of failing to mention this in light of the rest of the episode being so good, but you know a finale is good when the most understated part of the ep is the traditional "Carry On Wayward Son" montage. What can I say about this montage? It's great as usual and sums up season five pretty nicely. My favorite bit oddly enough is that great shot of Dean leaning against the Impala in "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid” although I’ll admit my emotions leapt when I saw Sam and Dean’s reaction to Ellen and Jo blowing up in the hardware store. That gets me every time too. 

    Now for the finale (gulp!). This intro wasn't all what I expected. It starts documentary style, showing old footage of a Chevy being built on the assembly line in Janesville, Wisconsin in 1967. I think one of my Ford cars was built in that town too. I'm instantly emotional, for this is pure gold for a car buff born and raised in Detroit. Chuck is doing the narration and I adore his sentimental style with his storytelling all through this episode as well as the narrator's charming score.

    He brings up April 21, 1967, when the 100th million GM vehicle rolled off the assembly line in Janesville. It was a blue two door Caprice.  I never understood the difference between a Caprice and an Impala. Thanks to wikipedia, I found out. They're the same car body wise but the Caprice had more luxury features. So that proves the Impala wasn't a glory car. Anyway, there was a big ceremony and speeches. "Even the Lt. Governor showed up." Too funny! Our Lt. Governor is too busy running for Senate now, which makes these Mickey Mouse ceremonies perfect for him. He'll show up at the opening of an auto parts store right now.

    vlcsnap 00007
  • Recap - "Sympathy For The Devil"

    Wow, the summer flew right by, didn't it? (Dodges flying objects). Okay, fine, the wait was excruciating. It's all better now, right? So here we are, at the season five premiere. Thanks to Kripke and his ADHD with this script, I'll just get started with this freaking long ass recap for "Sympathy for the Devil."

    In tradition with the past two season openers there must be a montage of the previous season set to a rocking AC/DC tune. This year its "Thunderstruck," which in my mind is the best possible tune they could have picked that hadn't been used yet. The opener is as great as expected and gives an adequate summary of what happened. Sam started the apocalypse. Everyone's screwed.

    Back to where we left off, the boys look in horror at the white light emerging from the floor of the convent. They get their wits about them and head for the door but oops, those doors again slam right on them. Those demon controlled entrances seem to bite them in the ass every time. They're trapped and overcome by a deafening sound before being engulfed in white light. While I would normally worry that they would be obliterated by the light much like Alastair in "Heaven and Hell," I know the two leads of the show aren't going to bite it in the season opener. 

  • Recap: Supernatural - "No Rest For The Wicked"

    There, I feel better. No actually... hold on... *rubs ears gently while humming to self in attempts to calm down*... Nope, it ain't working. This is the OMFG that the CW should have been promoting.
    For the record, this is my first Supernatural live season finale. I didn't get into the show until the beginning of season three, so I was able to watch the past two cliffhangers back to back via DVD. This is my first summer of agony, and dammit, the pain is deep.
    Dean died and went to Hell!!! Sam is more powerful than Lilith!!! Ruby is banished somewhere!!! Bobby is just plain awesome!!! You're all sick of the exclamation points!!! Okay, now that I'm calmer (breathe, breathe) I must take time to do the proverbial drop at the feet of the Kripster himself, the writer of this masterpiece, and bow down in his glory. This was better than his other scripts like "Devil's Trap", "In My Time of Dying", "All Hell Breaks Loose Part II", and "The Magnificent Seven" (okay, any script was better than that one).
    All season, this show harped on the "Dean's going to Hell" story line, and we fans just assumed they would come up with a way to get him out of it. So, imagine our surprise when it actually happened. Kripke went there! You magnificent bastard. Sam didn't go darkside either and even the expected shot of Sam weeping over Dean's mangled corpse blew us away. Sure, there's that whole "˜Dean-hanging-on-a-hook-in-Hell-screaming-in-agony-Sam's-name' plot twist, but you wanted us to curse at you all summer, didn't you Mr. Kripke?

  • Retro Open Supernatural Couch - "In My Time of Dying"


    Today I look back at one of the most painful episodes of our beloved show. Before you ask - yes, I might occasionally be a masochist par excellence. Today is one of those days, I reckon, when I snuggle onto my cosy couch and enjoy a Winchester ache fest. Would you like to join me, kind readers?
  • Review - "Devil's Trap"

    "Devil's Trap"
    --Robin's Rambles
    --Robin Vogel
    This episode is one of my top-five favorites. So many firsts...Bobby Singer and his fascinating salvage yard, his dog, Rumsfeld, the Key of Solomon, the Devil's Trap, demon exorcism! Most of this became common-place, of course, but seeing it for the first time—ambrosial!
    From the moment the brothers learn their father is in Meg's clutches, they realize they need help to find him, so they rush over to South Dakota and Bobby, who, we learn, pumped John full of buckshot last time they saw each other. Yet Bobby is more than willing to help Sam and Dean get John back. 
    Meg comes to them, making a grand entrance (starting, it seems, with killing Rumsfeld, who is never seen again). They capture her, tie her in a chair under a devil's trap. "Where's my father, BITCH?" demands Dean. "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" counters Meg. "Oh, I forgot, you can't!" She insists John is dead, she killed him herself, slowly, painfully, and made him scream and beg for his life. She and Dean exchange a lot of ugly insults and she's furious when she realizes he's sending her back to hell even after getting the information he wanted. "I LIED!" he says with great satisfaction. Sam starts to exorcise the demon, even though Bobby warns them there's a girl in there, and only the demon is keeping her alive. 
    Sam keeps reading from the bible in sexy Latin (his voice sublime), sending Meg's smoky essence back to hell. The boys learn where John is and that he is still alive. Sadly, the broken body the demon used/abused for a year dies. Bobby assures them he's spoken with the cops before and knows what to do. He wants them to go get their father, and he shouldn't be a stranger in the future.
  • Review - "No Rest For The Wicked"

    "No Rest For the Wicked"
    --Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
    Dean dreams he is running from hellhounds. He awakens just as they catch up to and leap on him. He has fallen asleep on a particularly gruesome photo of a hellhound in a book, and he looks up to Sam's worried but hopeful face--Bobby's come up with a way to find Lilith. Only 30 hours to go, notes Dean ruefully, and suggests a Mexico run instead--senoritas, cervesas, donkey show? Sam prefers to NEVER do that, even if they save Dean. Sam sits next to him and promises him he isn't going to go to hell, "I'm not gonna let you, I swear." Dean looks at his brother's face, which distorts in the awful way faces do when a soul is close to going to hell. "Yeah, OK," says Dean, clearly not believing him.
    Bobby's House - Bobby sets a giant scrying tool in the middle of a map of the USA. He assures them they will know what street Lilith's on by the time he's done. He says a bit of Latin and the scrying tool stops on New Harmony, Indiana. Dean doesn't want to just go in there--they aren't sure it's Lilith, and he doesn't trust Bela. They have no idea how to kill her! Sam wants to get Ruby in on this, but Dean is equally determined to keep her out; Ruby is the Miss Universe of lying skanks--for all we know, she works for Lilith! "Give me another option!" says Sam. "Sam's right," chimes in Bobby. "NO, DAMN IT!" yells Dean, "Just no--we are not going to make the same mistakes all over again. If you guys want to save me, find something else." Bobby leaves to "find something else." Dean sits down to do more research.
  • Review - "The Magnificent Seven"

    "Magnificent Seven"
    --Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel

    Welcome to the first new episode of season 3! I was disappointed after the beauty of "In My Time of Dying," which was about as perfect as a SUPERNATURAL episode can get, but this episode had its high points, too. "Hell's Bells" plays over the re-cap, which was wonderful, and so we segue into what's going on only five days after the release of all the demons from Devil's Gate.

    In a too-long, too-expensive (Kripke even said so) scene, we watch a flock of CGI demons criss-crossing the sky. One shoves itself down the throat of a hapless Chicago man named Walter Rosen, who stupidly put out his garbage. His eyes glow black.

    Outside a motel room, Sam sits in the Impala, reading Dr. Faustus, already trying to find a way to break Dean from his deal. Dean? He's wearing a wife-beater and from inside their hotel room, he gives Sam two thumbs up. He's about to have sex with a gal he calls "The Doublemint Twins," presumably because of her lovely breasts. When Bobby calls Sam to find out what Dean's doing, Sam's reply is, "Polling the electorate," which is one of the highlights of this ep for me. VERY funny--and dirty! Bobby tells Sam that he and his brother need to high-tail it to Lincoln Nebraska; there have been omens of demonic activity.

    Poor Sam peeks around the motel room door and catches Dean en flagrant dilecto. Later, as Dean wildly drives the Impala over a hill, he reminds Sam that he caught him performing a beautiful, natural act. All Sam wants is to borrow Dean's knife so he can gouge out his eyes. The house Bobby wants them to check out has extraordinarily loud cicadas and three stinky dead bodies sitting on the couch. There's no sulfur and no apparent cause of death. When Dean hears a noise out on the porch and goes to investigate, he's struck by the gun butt of a man named Isaac, who Bobby greets as a fellow hunter and friend. "Bleeding here!" gasps Dean, reaching a hand up for help.

    They go to the home of husband and wife hunter team Isaac and Tamara. The two argue fondly over the location of palo santo, a wood that keeps demons nailed down while you're exorcising them. Sam asks how they got into hunting in the first place, a question that disturbs the couple, and Bobby, too. Dean, on the phone with a coroner's assistant, agrees to have an. . .appletini with her, even though he has no clue what that is. She does tell him those three people died of starvation and dehydration, even with a stocked kitchen right at hand. Isaac refuses to hunt with the Winchesters; they let the Devil's Gate get open in the first place! When Dean starts to get huffy, Tamara wisely pulls her husband out of the room before the testosterone gets too thick.

    Bobby draws the curtains, not knowing there is a blond hunter woman who steps from the shadows and is intently watching the house.

    The following day, Walter Rosen goes into a store, rubs a blond woman's shoulder, points and says, "Those are nice shoes." Another woman, brunette, has already decided to buy the hideous green shoes. The blond follows the brunette to her car, brutally smashes her head into her windshield until she's dead and her car alarm is blaring, then picks up the bag with the shoes and walks away with it. (A terrible but very effective scene.)

    Later, inside the store, Sam finds Dean "comforting" a bereaved woman, obviously with more horizontal pleasures in mind. Dean fake coughs, reminding Sam he's sold his soul (and this seemed very out of character for Dean and bothered the hell out of me. I simply couldn't see Dean rubbing Sam's face in it, knowing how upset Sam was). Bobby, all dressed up in a suit, played fake DA and questioned the woman, who didn't respond to being splashed with holy water"”she just REALLY wanted those shoes!

    Dean proves he's not just working on the ladies by pointing out the security tape camera. They watch the tape together and notice the man who touched the blond who went crazy and killed the other woman. They suspect he's a demon. Later, Sam's walking down the street and feels he's being followed, which he is"”by the same blond who was watching the house the previous night. When Sam turns around, no one is there.

    Dean and Bobby are on stake-out in the latter's truck outside a bar; it's shortly after midnight. They showed Walter's picture around and this is his usual hangout; they're waiting for him. Sam bangs on the window, causing both men to jump. Sam laughs and climbs into the back seat. Sam has ID'd the guy"”Walter Rosen from Oak Park, IL, went missing right after the demons escaped the gate. They spy Walter heading into the bar, and Bobby and Dean argue over whether they should enter now or wait. Spotting Tamara and Isaac heading in, they realize they must act immediately.

    Tamara and Isaac are seated at a table, awaiting drinks. Isaac has a flask of holy water. He tells her to bring the truck around to the back. "I love you," she whispers. When Isaac stands up, a bouncer comes over, revealing black eyes. "I don't like hunters in my bar!" he declares, grabbing Isaac's flask and hurling it away. Suddenly, Isaac and Tamara are surrounded by demons, crowding in with malice in their black eyes. Dean, Bobby and Sam are trying to get inside the bar, to no avail. "I like the girl," says the waitress salaciously, "there are a thousand things I could do with her." "Wish I had me a girl like that," says Walter eagerly. Isaac warns them away from his wife, but he suddenly finds himself chugging down drain cleaner"”to Tamara's horror. Isaac, blood falling from both sides of his mouth, falls to the floor. (This was so gross"”I was imagining what it was doing to his insides and feeling the burn.) Tamara becomes hysterical. "All right, honey, YOUR turn!" exults Walter. At that moment, Bobby's car screeches right into the bar, leaving wood in its wake. They splatter the demons with holy water, grab Tamara, who doesn't want to leave with Isaac, and end up shoving Walter into the trunk before Dean throws himself into the shotgun seat and they take off.

    Tamara has only one thing on her mind"”getting Isaac's body back home. Dean is willing to go with her to retrieve it, since he's already dead, something Sam really isn't pleased to hear him say. Bobby reveals that he finally knows that they're up against"”the SEVEN DEADLY SINS! Gluttony got Isaac, Envy the shoe shopper, sloth those who sat and died. These demons are a whole new variety, and he isn't sure how to go up against them, so when Tamara starts insisting on going back for Isaac, he screams at her, reminding her she and her husband went off after these demons half-cocked before and things turned out badly; they have to THINK about their next move this time! Gently, Bobby tells her he's sorry for her loss, but they're doing it his way this time.

    They have Envy tied up under the Devil's Trap. Asked what he wants, he says he already has it"”freedom, fun"”he likes seeing people's insides on their outsides. Then he accuses Dean of being a walking billboard of gluttony and lust, Tamara of harboring wrath"”so she punches him, twice. You're all horny, greedy, hungry and violent, accuses Envy, no better than us demons. When Dean volunteers to stay behind and face the other six demons who would be showing up to save Envy, Sam's response is, "If we're going down, we're going down together." Handed a bible, Tamara is only too happy to exorcise the demon, and is indifferent when the host body dies, too.

    In an attic room lit only by candles, Sam fills bottles with holy water while Dean cleans guns and fills them with ammo. The brothers don't speak, but the communication going back and forth between them speaks volumes of hope and love. They hear singing: "I shall not be moved." Isaac's corpse, reanimated by one of the demons, calls for Tamara. Bobby tries his best to talk to her, convince her that's not Isaac, but it has and uses his memories, reminding her that she left him to die and left their daughter, too! Tamara screams and runs outside, opening the door and the protective salt line, allowing the other six demons into the house. She uses the palo santo stake to shut Isaac up. Bobby easily traps an overweight demon under the Devil's Trap, and taunts, "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son." (A line taken right out of ANIMAL HOUSE.)

    The pretty Lust demon captures Dean, who seduces him into a heavy lip-lock. Sam is attacked by three demons, headed up by Pride, who is able to break a Devil's Trap. He calls Sam "Boy King," but mockingly, he's not impressed and won't bow before him, now that Yellow Eyes is dead"”it's Open Season on Sam! Dean controls his lust well enough to break the kiss and push Lust-gal's head into a bathtub full of holy water. Pride had Sam in a chokehold. The mysterious blond appears with a magic knife, easily, quickly killing the other two demons. Pride drops Sam and turns to Blondie, who then needs rescuing by Sam. Between the two of them, she's able to thrust her knife into Pride's throat, where it glows inside his mouth (wonderful special effects with that knife on the demons), and he goes down. "Who are you?" gasps Sam. "The girl who saved your ass," she gasps back. "I saved yours, too," he counters. "See you around, Sam," she says, grinning, and disappears. Sam is unable to find her.

    In the aftermath, host bodies are salted and burned; Bobby reports two are alive but will need extensive therapy. Isaac is given a proper hunter's burning send-off and Tamara, after a warning from Bobby that the world is a far more dangerous place now, leaves, alone and much sadder. Dean teases Sam for having to be saved by "that masked chick," whoever she was, and they all wonder what kind of knife could kill a demon. When Sam asks Bobby if they can win this war, the old hunter doesn't answer.

    Left alone, Sam and Dean begin to argue over Dean's decision to sell his soul to bring Sam back. The latter wants to go to Louisiana to consult a hoodoo priest, while Dean prefers Reno. Sam's pissed off at his brother, but Dean tells him, "We welch, you die." How could you make that deal? asks Sam. Because I couldn't live with you dead, replies Dean. So you're doing the same thing to me, says Sam, which is selfish. Dean is OK with that, he's tired and sees a light at the end of the tunnel. "That's hellfire, Dean," says Sam sourly. All Dean wants to do is make the most of the time he has left"”kill some evil sons of bitches and raise a little hell"”he feels good! You're unbelievable, says Sam.

    "Very true," says Dean. They climb into the Impala and drive away.

    1. The suits at the CW requested they make the show less dark, and season 3 was the result. This episode was far too bright for me, and I didn't like it. Like they said in "Hollywood Babylon," horror is supposed to be dark. I agree.

    2. This episode introduced Ruby, the mysterious woman who will have a huge affect on the brothers' lives, especially Sam's. We already know the end of that story, here is the very beginning. She swoops in and saves Sam like he's a damsel in distress, but she gets in trouble, too, and needs help from him. Many people despised her before she ever showed up, and hated the slow motion of her demon-killing scene. I liked that. I came to like Ruby, too, but many fans wanted her gone when she was merely a concept. How about you, now that her story arc has come and gone?

    3. Sam says everything to Dean he couldn't say at the end of S2, about how selfish he is for making the deal, that Dean is forcing HIM to live without his brother, etc. Yet Dean says he's fine with that and wants to spend his last year killing evil SOB's and raising a little hell. Is he justified? Does he really expect his loving brother to just accept this and shut up?

    4. Given that we really only "met" Pride, Lust and Envy (and briefly, Sloth), did you think Bobby made too big a deal about the SEVEN DEADLY SINS? Did you think perhaps it might have been better if they had two in the episode or three, instead of all of them at once?

    5. How horrible was the bar scene with Tamara and Isaac? I FELT their terror. First time around, I was sure both were going to die. Forcing Isaac to drink drain cleaner was one of the worst things I've ever seen on this show. Then sending Isaac back reanimated by a demon was so cruel and terrible for Tamara, but effective in getting inside the house. I still hope we'll see Tamara again someday. She lost her husband and child to the supernatural, and probably became as driven as John.

    6. I was disappointed with "Magnificent Seven." In comparison to "In My Time of Dying" and "Lazarus Rising," it left a lot to be desired. It had good points"”the introduction of Tamara and Isaac, married hunters; effective MOTW in Envy and Pride (I did like Envy's speech about how humans are no better than demons, especially talking about hungry, horny Dean); that terrifying bar scene with its horrific death for Isaac; Dean's Doublemint Twins scene while Sam waited in the Impala, then had to go in and interrupt him; and the final discussion between the brothers, where Dean told Sam how it's going to be, period. Your opinion?
  • Review: The Magnificent Seven

    Reviewing "The Magnificent Seven" is weird since I'm going from something unbelievable like the finale last week to this episode, easily one of the worst of the season.  Last week I marveled at the awesomeness of the Kripster for his flawless script in "No Rest For The Wicked", and now I get to ask what the hell he was thinking for this season three premiere.   I forgave him for this misstep a while ago though since nobody is perfect but still, it pains me to be so harsh. I suppose there are pitfalls to being a critic. Forgive me Master Kripke.
    Before I go on, I want to send a huge thank you to everyone that sent a "Damn You Kripke!" in honor of last week's still jaw dropping finale (Dean!). The response was far greater than I expected, and it just goes to show how great this fandom is. I love you guys!
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