Here's the official synopsis from The CW for the February 13th episode, "Trial and Error."  Things are getting interesting!

KEVIN DECIPHERS THE TABLET — Kevin (guest star Osric Chau) deciphers the tablet and figures out how to close the gates of Hell.  He tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) that according to the tablet one person must face a series of three tests designed by God.  The first one – kill a hellhound.  Sam and Dean argue over who should complete the trials.  Kevin Parks directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb (#813).


# Bamboo24 2013-01-24 01:30
Wow, this sounds like a great episode - I can't wait!
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2013-01-24 04:05
'So, he who crosses this bridge of death must answer me (or God) these questions three, 'ere the other side he see.'

Actually, I think both Sam and Dean would know the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow, both African and European so these challenges should be a doddle. And haven't they already killed a hellhound?

Huh, I wonder if the three challenges are all in some way related to the three locations on the tablets ie hellhound for hell, something angelic from heaven (a manky suit and white shirt....) and something from Purgatory (Benny?)
# KELLY 2013-01-24 15:03
"The Knights who say Ni demand a sacrifice! We want
............... A SHRUBBERY!!!!"

I think Meg killed one. Not them. They set the explosives in AAH but Ellen pushed the button.
# eilf 2013-01-24 18:19
Crowley's hellhound fought one as well. They haven't managed it yet.

Tis but a scratch.