Episode 8.09, titled "Citizen Fang," is the last episode of 2012 for Supernatural.  After this one airs, the show goes on it's mid-winter break for a month or so.  The official synposis and promo photos were released by The CW.  This one looks like it's going to be pretty tense!

SAM PUTS A TRACKER ON BENNY — Sam (Jared Padalecki) asks a hunter named Martin (guest star Jon Gries) to keep an eye on Benny (guest star Ty Olsson) without telling Dean (Jensen Ackles). However, when Martin tells Sam there was a vampire kill and he thinks Benny is responsible, Dean defends his friend. When Martin decides to take things into his own hands, things get messy and Dean is forced to make a very hard decision. Nick Copus directed the episode written by Daniel Loflin.

First Andrew Dabb gets a solo episode, and now Daniel Loflin.  Interesting.  Here are the 17 glorious photos that look very nice, but tell us nothing!