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site has released a new article with more spoilers from Sera Gamble. The one this time states that in episode 8, one of the Winchesters is getting married…sort of.Executive producer Sera Gamble said, “It’s episode 8, which is filming now and called ‘Season 7, Time for a Wedding."

Gamble said. “Both of the boys are involved, and one of them is the groom. So, enjoy your comments section!”The episode, which Gamble said “has elements of meta,” will be one of the season’s “lighter, funnier episodes,” but will “not attempt to tread in ‘French Mistake’ territory.”

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 - And more good news.  CW just released a new clip for this week’s episode “The Girl Next Door.”

 - Just to wet your appetites more, here is a repost of the 7.03 promo clip that was released last July at Comic con.

 - TVLine has released an interview with Sera Gamble about Castiel last scene with some mild spoilers.  She also hits that some of the character angels from heaven’s civil war may return.

What exactly happened to Castiel in that water? Did his body just dissolve into nothingness?
All of those Leviathans inside of Cas were too much for the vessel, so they stewed him into the water. These are things we have to be somewhat cagey about, but it was too much certainly and it disintegrated under all of these monsters, if you will.

Is it safe to label him as dead? Or did you purposely leave it ambiguous?
Both things are true, actually. We purposely left it ambiguous. In the life of the show, [Sam and Dean] just suffered the death of one of their best friends, something that they are dealing with in a serious and substantial way.

Is there a chance that Misha could come back not as Cas, but in some other incarnation?
Oh definitely. It has always been our intention to bring back Misha in some form. When we called Misha to let him know that we had this plan for the character, we talked about this on a longer schedule than in these first two episodes. We certainly can’t say too much about where the story is going to go, but we love Misha and want to continue to work with him.

TVLINE | What does Cas’ disappearance mean for Crowley and their deal?
Crowley is a little bit relieved. [Laughs] But just because that player is off the board doesn’t mean that there’s not a board for Crowley to be looking at. He is constantly strategizing and when we see him next, he’s just jumping back into the game and figuring out who he can align himself with and what the best move will be for him.

TVLINE | Does the world of angels still factor into the season, or is that chapter closed?
The epic War in Heaven storyline has pretty much come to an end — at least for now — but individual stories that include angels that are more character-based or more about the impact that the previous wars have had, we have plans for those.

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