There are a few new spoilers out there that we've haven't shared yet, so let's get right to it!  

Zap2it reported that a season five character is going to make a return appearance.  Martin Creaser (Jon Gries), the hunter turned mental patient in the very off centered "Sam, Interrupted," is out of the nuthouse and hunting again.  The fact that Sam is tasking him the follow Benny around is a very interesting twist.  He will be in episode, 8.09, "Citizen Fang."  Why does that smell like he's gonna get killed?  I know this show to well!  Find out all about it here:

The tenative episode titles for episodes 8.12 and 8.13 have surfaced!  8.12 is "Out of Control" and 8.13 is "Everybody Hates."  Let the speculations begin!

Granted we've shared the episode synopsis' here, but The CW released episode summaries of it's entire sweeps lineup, including info on Supernatural's "Blood Brother," "Southern Comfort," and "A Little Slice of Kevin."  All the info can be found below.  Warning, this contains spoilers for ALL CW shows.  I'm stoked about some of the "Nikita" stuff myself.

That's all for now!  If we're missing a spoiler, just send us a message and the link through the "Contact Us" section.