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This comes from our very own sweetondean, who is at the All Hell Breaks Loose convention this weekend in Australia. During his panel, Misha Collins, a confirmed regular for "Supernatural" season nine, dropped the bombshell.  Ben Edlund, writer extraordinare and brilliant architect of "Supernatural" since season two, will not return in season nine.  Instead, he's going to "Revolution," Eric Kripke's new show for NBC.  

"Revolution," while having a very good first season ratings wise, has not really taken off creatively as NBC and Warner Brothers had hoped.  Ratings have significially dipped in its second half and there's plenty of concern out there with the creative direction.  The move from Mondays at 10pm to Wednesdays at 8pm was not considered a vote of confidence from the network.  The main weaknesses seem to be in the writing, which is why it was previously announced that Rockne S. O'Bannon ("Farscape," "Cult") and Trey Callaway ("CSI: NY") would be joining the show in season two.  O'Bannon especially was given producing responsibilities, being named number two to Kripke.  

Ben Edlund was a known confidant to Eric Kripke during his tenure at "Supernatural" and Kripke has called him the best TV writer he knows.  We wish Ben luck, because those of us who have suffered through all the horrible writing inconsistencies with "Revolution" this season know he'll need it.  At the same time, season two of a show has never looked so promising now.

Updated:  Not only did Jim Michaels confirm that Edlund was leaving, he shared the news that Eric Charmelo and Nicole Synder would be returning to the show.  If you recall, they were writers in season six, writing such barn burners as "You Can't Handle The Truth," "My Heart Will Go On," and the most epic, "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning."  (Please tell me you're seeing the sarcasm in that sentence).  They left to create and run The CW show "Ringer," which lasted one very low rated season. 

Here's a few relevant tweets:

@TheJim Michaels -  I will confirm that Ben has left us very amicably & will be missed but we do have Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder back with us!!!

@winfambusiness (in reply)  -  No offense, but that's hardly an even swap! :) Nah, at least you're getting experienced writers back. Thanks for sharing.