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It's amazing how many people I talk to online of late that have discovered Supernatural for the first time on TNT during it's morning syndicated run.  Today I was able to see some evidence as to why that's the case.  Supernatural is a top rated AM cable show! 

TV by The Numbers, a most excellent site for people like me who love to geek over numbers, lists ratings from all forms of television, including basic cable ratings.  They get ratings by day for the top 100 cable shows for all timeslots   Only one show from the morning timeslot has been making that list consistently.  Supernatural!  Both hours.  

Here's the rating from the  recently published  list from Tuesday, January 22nd:

                                                   Total    18-49

SUPERNATURAL   TNT    9:00 AM   915,000   0.5
SUPERNATURAL   TNT  10:00 AM   895,000   0.5  

Here's the ratings for Monday in the 11 am slot.  Even bigger!

SUPERNATURAL   TNT 11:00 AM  1,064,000  0.5  

The show has been running in syndication for a few years now and it's still pulling numbers like this.  Trust me when I say, for morning ratings, this is big.  No wonder the show is finding a lot of new viewers! 

Here's the entire list for comparison: