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Yes, it's that time of year already.  The People's Choice Awards voting is now open, and once again Supernatural is up for a number of awards.  Here are the categories to vote for:

- Favorite SciFi/Fantasy Show

- Favorite Dramatic Actor - Jared Padalecki
- Favorite Dramatic Actor - Jensen Ackles

Yes, we actually have to choose!  That's like being forced to pick which child you love more.  Me, I'll throw an even amount of votes both ways and go for the tie!  They both deserve it.  

- Favorite TV Fan Following - The SPN Family/Supernatural

Yes, one for the deserving fans!  I do believe this is a lock.  :)

Go to and remember to vote often! You can also share your vote on Twitter and when others retweet that vote counts for Supernatural!  Or share on Facebook and your vote can be counted there as well. 

The awards are January 9th.