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You might notice a familiar name listed with the Supernatural writers that participated in the season 7 roundtable review published today at TV Overmind.  Yours truly.  Thanks to Clarissa for the invite and the opportunity to sound off on what was a shaky season in my view.  I give her huge credit, she left off some of the more scathing comments from me (sorry, Sam and Dean's season arcs really were hot button topics for me) and used the more positive ones I had in their entirety, including my declaration of faith in Jeremy Carver.  

I highly recommend checking this out.  There are many many great comments from myself, Laura Prudom of the Huffington Post, Danielle Turchiano from the LA Examiner, Tina Charles from TV Guide, Vinnie from Winchester Bros and Nikki Novak from Winchester Daily as well as Clarissa's view on thing.