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Featuring a chapter from Nightsky!

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I absolutely LOVE this review.  My most favorite ever.  Maureen Ryan managed to nail the hammer on the head perfectly.  She did it too by exploring one main question that reflects the increasing hopelessness of Sam and Dean’s situation.  “The question is not only, ‘Where do they go from here?” but “Why do they keep going at all?”  A must read, again.
Clarissa at TV Overmind offers a differing point of view from many fans (in a good way).  She likes the Ben and Lisa closure and thinks Sam’s wall had to come down.  Read it all here!
Tina Charles of TV Guide, like we did here, braved two reviews and had great things to say. 
Let It Bleed
The Man Who Knew Too Much
So did Nicole at Saltednburned:
Let It Bleed
The Man Who Knew Too Much
Bekah of Support Supernatural took on both episodes at once in her review:
Here’s another from AmyInSydney, again choosing to look at both episodes together.
Can't miss Gaelic Spirit’s Stream of Consciousness
Let It Bleed
The Man Who Knew Too Much

Here's one from Donna on In The Supernatural Hunt
It’s gonna be a long Hellatus, so if you haven’t seen any of these reviews, I highly endorse.  I’m certainly going to use what’s been said by these writers when gathering thoughts for my season six review.  That’s the wrap for season six roundups!