Prologue: I wrote this story on May 27, 2016, 2 days after the air date of the SPN Season 11 finale, “Alpha and Omega”. I felt very strongly (and I still do!) that a conversation like this should have taken place between Chuck and Castiel. After all those years of desperately searching for God, struggling with his faith and the purpose of his mission, to be given the chance to talk to his Father? Actually converse with Him, face to face? Cas deserved the opportunity, and I wanted to give it to him.

"The trickster's function is to break taboos, create mischief, stir things up. In the end, the trickster gives people what they really want, some sort of freedom.” ― Tom Robbins

When I started these articles, I really wanted to make one about Gabriel but I never thought I would have the chance. Like really, REALLY have a chance with him playing Gabriel again in the new seasons. But I should have known this is Supernatural we are talking about so Lo and Behold we got him back in season 13 in all his glory. So this article is about his former “Trickster” alias and also his real self as Gabriel.

The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


A message, a motto, hope renewed, passions reignited and missions reinforced: episode eighteen traditionally is about inspiring our boys in some way or another, be it small or grand. It’s not always a successful endeavour – but often they achieve something here – and even when they fail, something is still there to keep the flame of hope flickering for that final mission.

“For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.” ― Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

Season's greetings everyone! Our mid-season episode was another holiday episode! Can you imagine that we already got two in this season? First the Halloween one and now a Christmas episode. These two have been a long time coming. We have had only two before them and those were seasons ago! I actually like holiday episodes and these we got were no exception. Also we got many references to Die Hard.  That is one of my favorite movies. I heard it is also a favorite of Jared and Jensen. The word I chose for this episode was betrayal because that theme was strong in this episode.

As a holiday treat, here are few of my favorite Michael scenes (aka hot, bad-ass and cosmic) so far. I still want to see more Michael fight scenes because his fights have been well choreographed. Something tells me my wish may come true.

The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


Episode seventeen might not be a finale, but definitely it has some action and some propelling motion when it comes to the final chapter of the season. Characters die, players begin to make their moves, plans start to unfold: episode seventeen is where it finally starts to take shape towards the end.


"I’ve heard the name before: Anubis. An Egyptian name. The name of a god. The god of the dead.” ― Kate Rooper

I have always been fascinated by old gods, whether Egyptian, Greek, Norse etc. and Supernatural has had a pile of those. It has had pagan gods, Egyptian gods and also Norse demi gods. The most that we have had in 13 seasons are the Greek gods. That is why I chose God and gods as a word and used that to find a fan video of the week.

The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


Exciting, dramatic, sad or funny – episode sixteen has been everything over the years. And while it marks the two-thirds way through the season and has certainly served up some phenomenal and memorable episodes, it hasn’t been a particularly key episode in the plot over the thirteen years – with a few exceptions of course.

ThrillerNatural – Happy Halloween!

"Darkness falls across the land, The midnight hour is close at hand

Creatures crawl in search of blood, To terrorize your neighborhood

And whosoever shall be found, Without the soul for getting down

Must stand and face the hounds of hell, And rot inside a corpse’s shell

The foulest stench is in the air, The funk of forty thousand years

And grizzly ghouls from every tomb, Are closing in to seal your doom

And though you fight to stay alive, Your body starts to shiver

For no mere mortal can resist, The evil of the Thriller” ― Rob Temperton


It is time for some ghost stories and a special fan video of the week! I am so glad that this year we finally got another real Halloween episode on Supernatural. Will we get a Christmas one too? The stories I chose are really famous urban legends in my country. The stories are spiced up a little by me.

I’m just not sure what it is when they do a “Wayward Sisters” themed episode.  The storylines are there, the actors are there, but there’s something that’s not grabbing my attention.  This week was especially disappointing.  Once again, the episode came with promise and fell with a thud. 

Don’t get me wrong, “The Scar” wasn’t a total waste.  I didn’t hate it.  But it wasn’t remotely close to a brilliant episode.  It moved some things forward, created new mysteries, but fell on old habits that left the whole thing boring and predictable.  For me, it fell slightly short of serviceable.