Yes, it is true!  After our launch, sales reps appeared from everywhere and showed us a bunch more awesome gifts for the season!
Somehow, while brushing up on the games available, I missed that the Supernatural Trivial Pursuit had released.  I volunteer to fact check each and every answer!  There's also another puzzle available now for the fans looking for an excuse to stare at the main characters for hours.
Chevy67 is a site offering custom made jewlery based on the show.
Nicki Aycox (the first actress portraying our beloved Meg) released a musical album.
Tracy Miller, a big fan of the show, has several poetry books available for and about Supernatural as a show and its cast.
Preorders are now available for Supernatural Psychology: Roads Less Traveled which will be released in October of this year and Family Don't End with Blood releasing in May.
If you want to get a copy of the fan-made comic "Lord of Purgatory" (about Benny's adventures) you can let the creator of it know here.
If you're tight on money, you can share this free fan-made video game of Supernatural in all the glory of 8-bit.
For the Bobby's in your life, there's always Winchester brand wiskeys and bourbon.  Not officially licensed yet, though it seems like a natural product/tie-in for the show.
Likewise Bullet Designs makes jewlery and accessories from bullets, including Winchester brands and Colt.
ByCandleLight27 has several specially made items related to our show, including this neat mermaid pillow.
So NOW it you haven't found a Supernatural gift for that special hunter, I recommend giving them some shaving cream and nudie mags (or a candy bar & some oil)!
There are so many creative fans around the world who make, share or sell Supernatural-themes gifts. Please share links that you have found to Supernatural ideas for the holidays! Supernatural fan artists and vendors, use the Contact Us link at the top of each web page to send us links to your product pages. 
Happy Holidays ya idjits.  Thanks for visiting our little home here and making it fun.  This one's for all of y'all.
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