Once upon a time, when this was a much smaller site and I inconceivably had more time in my life, I used to do these things called full length recaps.  I’ve always loved the recaps on Television Without Pity (other shows, not necessarily “Supernatural”) and I chose to do ones for “Supernatural” that were, I don’t know, semi-readable.  Whether that ended up being the end result I have no idea, but these were always my favorite segments to write.  Sadly, time escaped me and when I realized that the hits were always the lowest on these recaps than other articles, they ended up being cut from my weekly routine.  

After reading the wonderful reviews from Sofia, Elle, and sweetondean, I just didn’t have anything to add.  I LOVED this episode.  Every single second of it.  I remembered that I haven’t done a full length recap for an episode in season eight yet, and an episode like this has so much goodness a very detailed look wouldn’t hurt.  The last full length recap I did was for “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie,” so it’s probably time.    

The rules are simple for a full length recap.  They’re long, there’s plenty of detail, rambling, sharing anecdotes, and just plain being silly.  Grab a cup of coffee or a big beer and curl up like you’re reading a long story on your Kindle or iPad.  I can also attest they kill a boring afternoon at work.  These types of articles are meant to be savored, enjoyed, and will point out things that you never realized before, which may or may not enrich your life.  Likely not.  

First, the scorecard.  Robbie Thompson is the writer, who has been elevated in my writers pecking order to top of the bunch, just behind some guy named Edlund.  The director is the always amazing Robert Singer, who’s biggest strength in his directing style is bringing out the emotional elements of a story.  He scored big here. 

Okay, with all that laid out, let the recap begin!  


Carver Edlund’s books!  Why did they cut the clip just before Dean said he was full frontal in this one?  That’s the best part!  Hmm...full frontal... Now let’s jump ahead to just 9 episodes ago, when Charlie is Moondoor’s queen.  That’s a heck of a jump.  “I love you.”  “I know.”  Remember that, it’s important for later.  Sam does the second trial, and gets another electric jolt from ChuckGod in the arm, and collapses in a heap on the ground.  Dean worries.  Kevin disappears.  Crowley or not?  We sure as hell don’t find out this week. 


A dingy office, a poster on the wall about fighting Communism.  A flashback in time?  No, because Dean Winchester is sleeping at the desk, and he has a lab coat and U.S. Army uniform on.  It isn’t the Fedora and wool coat, but it’s yummy nonetheless.  Especially since his hair is combed down and parted to the one side.  Now, if the promo monkeys hadn’t given this away as a video game, I’d think that Dean has traveled back in time again.  Stupid promo monkeys.  

This episode has absolutely amazing attention to detail, and there’s a few little fun things right here.  First, there’s a picture of Harry S. Truman on the wall.  Dean realizes that’s not normal.  Really?   Second, he has a name tag with “Winchester” on it.  Awesome!  I don’t know why that made me so happy.  Third, a record of big band music is playing in the office.  Dean turns it off, and the music keeps going anyway.  Now that’s something that usually happens in a dream.  Am I right?  

There’s a desk blocking the door, and Dean always being defense minded, breaks off a leg of the desk before moving it.  Nothing like a blunt object for self defense.  He steps out in the hall, it’s littered with dead and bloody bodies of hospital staff.  He steps over them, an alarmed look on his face, and all I’m thinking is I love his uniform and his hair that way.  Yowza.  BTW, the logo on the wall says he’s at the Fort Brennan Military Hospital.  Remember that, because that could be a trivia question someday.  Or not.  Luckily, one of those bodies is holding the paper for him.  1951.  Suddenly there’s that sound of something supernatural approaching him and...exploding hieroglyphs.  We’ll have to find out what happens later.  Sneaky bastards, getting our profound attention like that.  Definitely one of the better teasers.  

It’s the Men of Letter’s cave!!  I’m so flipping happy!  The MOL hideout has been so underutilized ever since they introduced it in episode 13.  The caption says “24 Hours Earlier” so now we know there’s some lead up that has to be done for that opening scene.  I’m curious to know what happens, that’s for sure.  

Sam’s laptop is on the desk with video surveillance going in various places, but Sam is nowhere to be found.  Judging by Dean’s frown, he notices that as well.  Dean walks in with a bag of groceries and a six pack of the old reliable Margiekugels.  That does sound better that Schultz, but El Sol is still my fave.  Their tastes in beer have refined through the years, no?  Dean takes off his jacket and its the maroon shirt!  Oh man, I love the maroon shirt.  It brings out his...um...aura.  He sits down, grabs a beer, and checks the computer to see if anything has changed.  Nothing has.    

Suddenly, a giant moose comes out of nowhere!  Oh wait, that’s Sam, and he looks so bad he’s looking good.  There’s a few things about this that have my heart jumping.  For one, he’s wearing a nice, thin, long sleeved v-neck shirt.  Hmm, that’s an improvement over his usual tees.  Second, HE HAS BED HEAD!!!  Yes, we all know I’m a tad obsessive with his hair.  It’s all poofy and hanging in his face.  Suddenly I have prime material for this year’s “Enigma of Sam Winchester’s Hair” collection.   Dean sees this and reacts with facial cringing.  “I’m telling ya, give me five minutes with some clippers.”  Bwah, Dean disses the hair!  According to Robbie Thompson, that was ad-libbed by Jensen.  

A very, very bleary eyed Sam tells Dean to shut up and fixes his hair in the process.  The improvement is mild.  Hey Dean, please, keep going!  I’ve got a few jokes myself.  “How many times did Dad tell you when we were growing up not to stick your finger in the light socket?”  Or how about “Look what the cat dragged in.”  Yeah, that’s all I got. 

Sam wants to know what time did he laid down.  Dean looks at his watch.  “You took a siesta around noon...yesterday.”  So what time is it now??  I’m assuming by the fact Dean is drinking beer, it’s probably late afternoon.  That’s a long nap!  He throws Sam a beer and it just goes flying right by Sam.  He didn’t even try to catch it.  Me thinks that’s supposed to be a sign that his reflexes are off.  It’s hilarious, since we hear the sound of the beer smashing in the other room.  Sam, who’s sounding might throaty apologizes, but Dean is quick with the snide comment.  Suddenly I’m pausing because I’m laughing too hard.  “That’s why we don’t have nice things Sam.”  Sam is kind of a bull in a china shop, don’t you think?    

Sam isn’t laughing, because he’s too busy staggering around and gripping onto his aching head, all the while telling Dean he’s fine.  As we have learned from past seasons, Sam’s definition of “fine” is rather skewed.  I do believe it’s really a code word for “breathing.”  He staggers away from the table and the way the light hits him from the next angle, he really looks like crap.  I haven’t seen him look this bad since “When The Levee Breaks.”  Actually, he was worse in that one, but if you see the previews for next week, you know he’s headed there.  

Sam wants to get dressed to find Kevin, but Dean will have none of it.  The “hunter” dragnet is out so to speak right now, and Garth is on it.  Oh, well then, everything’s covered.  Of course all of that is coming up empty, and again the next angle is another PRICELESS shot of disheveled bed head.  I’m positively giddy I tell ya!  Dean says to Sam they aren’t doing anything until he gets better, and there’s Sam throwing that “fine” word around again.  Look at that face!  That is not fine.  Suddenly, I’m breaking out my worst Inigo Montoya impersonation.  “You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.”  

Dean isn’t buying it, and he has a way to prove it!  I’m sorry, but I want a f***ing tour of this Men of Letters complex now!!!  They keep holding back on us.  I want to see the grand kitchen, both boys’ bedrooms, the perfect shower and where exactly in the configuration this indoor firing range resides!  There’s even a large office in there.  Come on, they surely can make room for an underground garage for the Impala.  This is totally sweet!  What’s even better that whole complex is warded by spells, including the most helpful sound proofing spell.  You can fire a gun indoors and you don’t need soundproof headphones!  That must really rock.