“No, I didn’t catch it.  It killed three of my people.  I shot it through of elephant tranquilizer and it chuckled.”  Um, Samuel, who are you talking to on the phone?  Why would anyone you know care?  â€œTo be honest I’m not sure I want to find it.  But yeah, we’ll find a way to catch it.”  Interesting that the director here chose to do a closeup on Samuel’s eyes.  Not sure what that means.  â€œYeah sure, I’ll bring it right to you, gift wrapped.”  Samuel hangs up the phone.  Great, another deep Campbell mystery to speculate.  

Dean comes into the kitchen where Lisa is doing dishes.  He asks where Ben is.  â€œBike ride.”  That worries Dean, a lot.  Lisa gets disgusted and wants to know what’s up, so Dean finally comes clean.  He doesn’t know what to do.  If he knew what the safest thing was, he’d do it.  â€œStay here and look after you guys, or get as far away as I possibly can.  I don’t know.”  He gets what he’s doing, the yelling and everything.  â€œActing like a prison guard, that’s not me.”  Then Dean goes for the major self pity statement.  â€œYou tell yourself you’re not going to be something you know, but my dad was exactly like this, all the time.  It scared the hell out of me.”  Ooh, Dean knows he’s not doing something right when he pulls a John.  

Lisa asks if she can be honest.  When are you not Lisa?  Dean needs this.  Maybe they’re safer with Dean there, maybe they aren’t.  But Lisa knows he’s not a construction worker.  He’s a hunter.  â€œAnd now you know your brother is out there things are different.  You don’t want to be here Dean.”  He says he does.  She looks at him earnestly and realizes he’s telling the truth.  â€œOkay, okay but you also want to be there.  I get it.  You’re white knuckling it living like this.  Like what you are is some bad awful thing.  But you’re not.”  Dean takes this all in, so now Lisa can lay down the rules.  â€œBut I’m not going to have this discussion every time you leave.  This is just going to keep happening, so I need you to go.”  
This doesn’t make Dean happy, because he doesn’t want to lose Lisa and Ben.  She tells him that’s not what she said.  He clarifies, she’s saying hit the road.  â€œDean, if there’s some rule that says this has to be either or, how about we break it.”  Dean can’t believe what he’s hearing.  â€œMe and Ben will be here and you come when you can.  Just come in one piece.”  Dean asks her if they can pull something off like that.  Lisa thinks it’s worth a shot, and gives him that trademark pearly white smile.  

Dean nods with reluctance and then what’s this?  Smoke on The Water???  Oh yeah!!  I want to instantly rush to my “classic rock that must be on Supernatural” list to cross that off, but the next scene is way too awesome for that!  No words, just the music, a self satisfied Dean with a slight smirk, the camera circling Dean’s face in dramatic fashion and the tarp being pulled off the Impala.  She’s free!!  The quick camera swipes across the gleaming Impala are just awesome!  Dean glares are her awesomeness and this is the most beautiful moment they’ve ever shared together. 

“Smoke on the water, a fire in the sky...”  Final shot on one cool yet happy Dean and the sound of the wheels spinning as a car takes off.  They’re back!   Wow oh wow!  Best ending in way so long.  Is it next week yet???  

Thank you Adam Glass.  You rule.  


# Anno2 2010-10-09 10:54
Thank you Alice. My favorite part of SN is that the storylines can be so outrageous but the characters remain very relatable. Being a parent with two children, there were a few scenes in this episode that brought back some memories.

Your reviews are great, especially when you go off on tangents. Really? $3.75 for a bottle of vending machine soda? I actually enjoy the times when I find myself asking "what the hell is she talking about here?". Thanks again... that was fun.
# Bevie 2010-10-09 15:56
That was great Alice!

Your thoughts and doubts about the Campbell clan are right on with mine. Just can't help thinking that way. So broken up over losing a family member? NOT! That is one family I would not want to be a part of. And Parker Lewis must die after Dean gives him a pummeling. What a nasty cousin indeed. Gwen is a weirdo as well. Wouldn't weep at their demises. Wish Sam wasn't in with them so deep. He's got to get out from under. Hope he didn't blab about Dean's confession of hell to that crew.

What did Samuel mean about "inviting Dean in" ? To what? Dean is a member of the family or he is not and the family is not what it seems.

Loved the baby and Dean scenes and the Dean and his Baby scene. The end was great!