Now Lisa has her talk with Dean.  I should note, this is the slow part of the episode.  I tolerate because it really does get better.  MUCH better.  Time must be taken to build plot.  Basically, Ben has been in his room for hours and said Dean yelled at him.  Lisa rightfully wants to know what he did.  Dean lies, saying he got into his tools.  Yeah, right, tools.  Dean agrees he shouldn’t have yelled at him. Then go up to Ben’s freaking room and apologize!  Set the record straight about how you feel about him hunting.  Right, I forgot John Winchester is this guy’s parenting role model. 

At least Lisa sees her opportunity and brings up how Dean has been yelling at Ben and keeping them in the house.  Dean claims he’s keeping them safe, but Lisa knows he and Sam killed whatever was after them.  They moved anyway.  â€œWhat is it Dean?  A monster, or monsters in general?”  Yeah Dean, what’s going on?  He doesn’t know.  He can’t predict.  Lisa wants proof because she’d like for her and Ben to live their lives.  Dean’s counter argument, he doesn’t want anything happening on his watch.  That’s so weak Dean.  Lisa spells it out, he’s scaring her.  
It’s dark now?  Sam waited that long to go to the house?  I know after dark creates less suspicion, but wouldn’t it have been nice Sam if you got there earlier to I don’t know, prevent a gruesome double murder?  Long story short, Sam grabs his weapons, cautiously enters the house only to find dead parents.  He hears a noise in the kitchen, goes to see and gets knocked down by one burly security guard.  Sam pulls out the silver knife, swipes away and cuts the guy on the arm.  It smokes and sizzles.  That looks like shapeshifter to me!  I know, it means other things too.  
So, the shapeshifter runs?  From that puny knife?  Maybe he didn’t like his odds against the ginormo with the great hair.  Sam hears another noise in the kitchen, grabs the gun and slowly, and I mean slowly creeps in there with the knife, figuring that’s gonna work better against whatever he’s looking for.  The eerie score and wavy camera try to add to the suspense, but if anyone read the summary of this episode, we know what he’s going to find.  Sam goes to a changing table covered by a sheet, reaches out and whips it up!  His stunned reaction is pretty good.  

Next thing Dean is answering his cell phone. “Sam?”  One stressed out Sam tells him he needs his help.  Dean, while salting the windows (you delusional bastard) tells Sam he’s out.  â€œMake an exception!”  Sam says.  Oh yeah, he so doesn’t know what to do.  He tells Dean he’s 30 minutes away and he’ll drive to his door if he doesn’t meet him.  Dean wants to know what’s so nuts that he threatens a drive by.  Stunned reaction.  Again, if you read the synopsis of the episode...

Next thing Dean’s truck pulls up near a field where Sam’s car is parked.  Dean gets out and asks where it is.  Sam says strapped down in the back seat.  Dean looks and Sam delivers the best line that could be done for this potentially cliche scenario.  â€œWelcome to the party Guttenberg.”  Ha!  If you’re gonna take from Three Men and a Baby, you might as well reference it.  Then there’s a shot of the baby in the car seat in the back.  First off, I commend Sam for actually thinking to find a car seat for the kid.  Second, he’s so adorable!  Good job casting.  

Dean and Lisa are in their still unpacked living room and Dean hands a revolver to Lisa.     They’re going over the basics of armaments.  Lisa in a slick demonstration proves she knows her stuff.  She’s a single mom from Indiana, right?  Oh yeah, I’m certain she learned how to pack a while ago.  Dean reminders her to salt the windows and doors.  You know, that doesn’t work if the Incredible Hulk or someone like that shows up Dean.  Dean isn’t sure if he should go.  He stupidly thinks Sam can handle a baby alone.  I’m thinking how is the baby going to handle Sam?   

Dean raises more doubt but Lisa is really awesome and remember Dean, she’s holding the gun.  â€œDean, no offense, but if you don’t walk out that door, I’m going to shoot you.”  She smiles and Dean jokes that she’s probably missing her ex about now.  The boring one.  Lisa laughs and tells him to shut up.  How cute.  She tells him to be careful and he kisses her goodbye like he’s going off to the office or something.  I guess technically he is.  He walks out that front door and Lisa is both relieved and sad.  They still have some issues to work out, that’s for sure.  
Sam is waiting by his car, doing some sort of flippy thing with his keys while Dean pulls up with the truck.  Dean doesn’t waste any time asking for details.  Good to see you too Dean.  Sam says it’s fast and it freaked when he cut it with silver.  Dean has Sam go through the list of candidates.  First is ghoul, but I thought that had to be a headshot.  I guess silver could still spook them.  A zombie, a shifter, and about a dozen other things.  Wait a sec, go back to that last one.  Oh never mind, you’ll figure it out.  

Dean doesn’t recall that baby napping fits in the profiles.  Sam agrees, so its time for both brothers to climb into the Charger.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to see both brothers in a car together again, actually ecstatic, but it’s not the Impala.  We aren’t to the point of perfection yet.  Although, I like the twist it’s Sam’s car and he’s driving.  It’s that whole role reversal theme this season is supposed to be about.  

Dean turns around and tells the baby to speak up if he knows anything.  The kid proceeds to give him a big smile.  Aww, how precious!  The kid smiles on cue.  He’s a natural born actor.  Then Sam starts the car and it starts beeping.  â€œSeat belt,” he reminds Dean.  This concept is not okay with Dean.  â€œWhat am I, in the third grade?  Car should drive, not be a little bitch.”  Bwah!!  Another classic Dean Winchester line.  It’s funny too, since cars have been like that for years.  I love that whole sequence gives a reminder that they are in Sam’s car, not Dean’s.  He sounds like a grumpy old man!  

The baby lets out a cry and then farts.  It other words, he’s acting like Jared.  Then Sam gives a quick bitchface!  Wow, I didn’t think I’d see any of those again.  It’s not pure classic Sam, but it’s a season six variation I guess.  Dean mentions something about not taking it personal and the baby smiles.  Again, great kid.  Now, the setup for one of the GREATEST moments in this show.  Dean brings up they need to get supplies.  Sam isn’t worried, he’s got an arsenal in the trunk.  Those aren’t the supplies he’s talking about Sam! 
The Charger drives away and guess where they are next?  The Supermarket!  Sam pushing a shopping cart with a baby while Dean fills it with supplies in the Supermarket!  That boom you heard during the airing of this ep was the collective sound of anyone who has ever written or read fan fiction going thud.  Then they go into complete convulsions when Dean utters the line, “Okay, I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of paste or jelly you’re supposed to put on their butt.”  Then Sam finds the butt paste!  Too funny, for that is actually a real product.  The box he’s showing is authentic.  You see, it goes to show in any situation where they’re forced to make it up as they go along they make the perfect team. 

Dean gets a box of diapers with a black baby on the box (important for later) and Sam wonders how in the world Dean knows all this.  Dean admits Lisa has a baby niece and he’s been on a few milk runs.  â€œHuh,” Sam says, even though his face is saying much more.  Dean knows this and tells him to shut it.  Sam breaks out in one of those oh so rare smiles, at least rare since season four and five, for he is amused by all this.  â€œI just said huh.”  â€œI just said shut it,” Dean replies.  Oh, oh, it’s so good to see the brotherly banter and ribbing again.  This is exactly what’s been missing for a while.  I bow at the feet of this new writer.  

Sam stops, for he sees the changing expression on the baby.  Then Dean sees it and jumps a little.  He knows they’re in trouble.  â€œAlright, we gotta get moving.  We got the waterworks in t-10.”  Sam pushes on, Dean in haste grabs as many supplies as he can carry before joining him.  Now, before we get all happy about Dean’s parenting instincts,  we are easily reminded he isn’t all there yet.  At least he’s doing far better than Uncle Sam.  They are at the checkout and the baby is screaming.  Loud.  Sam of course is mortified and expects Dean to do something about it.  I think the very agitated, “Dean, make it stop” was the clue.  Still calling the baby “it” Sam?  He’s a he.  Sometimes.  

Dean doesn’t know how but Sam is still on edge, for he doesn’t like that everyone is staring at them like they’re child abusers.  He tells Dean to “feed it.”  Geez Sam, this is why you called Dean?  Because you don’t know how to “feed it?”  Dean points out they already did.  â€œThen what?”  Sam asks.  â€œI don’t know, do you think I speak baby?”  Dean replies.  Oh, these two are killing me here.  So hysterically clueless.  Then Dean guesses he needs a diaper change.  Suddenly Sam is making a funny face.  â€œOh God, I hope not.” Stop it!  Can’t breathe!  


# Anno2 2010-10-09 10:54
Thank you Alice. My favorite part of SN is that the storylines can be so outrageous but the characters remain very relatable. Being a parent with two children, there were a few scenes in this episode that brought back some memories.

Your reviews are great, especially when you go off on tangents. Really? $3.75 for a bottle of vending machine soda? I actually enjoy the times when I find myself asking "what the hell is she talking about here?". Thanks again... that was fun.
# Bevie 2010-10-09 15:56
That was great Alice!

Your thoughts and doubts about the Campbell clan are right on with mine. Just can't help thinking that way. So broken up over losing a family member? NOT! That is one family I would not want to be a part of. And Parker Lewis must die after Dean gives him a pummeling. What a nasty cousin indeed. Gwen is a weirdo as well. Wouldn't weep at their demises. Wish Sam wasn't in with them so deep. He's got to get out from under. Hope he didn't blab about Dean's confession of hell to that crew.

What did Samuel mean about "inviting Dean in" ? To what? Dean is a member of the family or he is not and the family is not what it seems.

Loved the baby and Dean scenes and the Dean and his Baby scene. The end was great!