New season!  This is my third new season kick off recap and I couldn’t be happier.  Not sure why, because this is one tough episode to recap.  Forget recap, just re-watching it is really hard.  So many layers, so many possibilities, so much pain, and so many QUESTIONS.  It’s kind of maddening actually and upsetting.  But this is "Supernatural The Sequel" and its a new frontier.  Let’s bravely trudge through it together.
ONE YEAR AGO - Sam sacrifices himself and falls into the worst possible place anyone could ever imagine.  As Dean said in “Swan Song,” “Your Hell is going to make my tour look like Graceland.”  What an understatement!  Sam, body and soul, is stuck in a cage in Hell with Lucifer and Michael.  Dean, he’s left to pick up the pieces by taking on a new life with Lisa and Ben at Sam’s request.  So how’s it going?  We’re about to find out.
NOW - I can’t describe how much “Beautiful Loser” means to me.  For one, I grew up in Detroit, hometown of Bob Seger.  His music was played through my entire upbringing religiously.  I grew absolutely sick of most of it, but not this song.  This is the original version, not the overplayed live version and that’s really cool because this version has so much more heart.  Lyrically, I can’t think of a better song to describe Dean’s situation right now.  
I was already riding the emotionally wrecked train after watching the Smallville premiere and seeing the scene between Jonathan and Clark near the end.  This opening montage managed to keep pushing those buttons.  It's so sweet, sentimental, and tear evoking.  Couldn’t be more perfect.  Dean is in his new life and the brilliant editing cuts forth between the old and the new.  I especially love how the older scenes are shown in black and white to accent the contrast. 

Dean wakes up disconcerted, the 7:00 am alarm going off.  I could assume that he’s not happy in his new life, but then again I hate early alarms so that could be his place right now.  On comes the radio and the opening strains of “Beautiful Loser.”  Lisa wakes up and rolls over, asking with sympathy if he’s okay.  Dean uses his programmed line.  â€œYeah, I’m good.”  I take this to mean Dean has had a lot of bad mornings.  She sweetly kisses his hand and gets out of bed.  Dean is left behind with another distressed look on his face.  Not good.  

He wants to dream like a young man, with the wisdom of an old man
He wants his home and security, he wants to live like a sailor at sea
Beautiful Loser, where you gonna fall
When you realize, you just can’t have it all...
Dean pulls salt out of the kitchen cabinet and salts a pan of eggs.   Cut to a flashback of him salting a corpse and a window sill.  He then serves Ben his eggs in a nice suburban kitchen.  No wonder Dean is so disconcerted!  Dean opens a toolbox now and the loaded trunk of the Impala then.  He closes the box door now, flashback to him closing the trunk with Sam at the end of “All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2.”  He climbs into his Ford pickup truck (an excellent choice in my book, but then again I’m from a Ford family.  Take that Ardeospina! :p ) and pulls away, then is shown earlier pulling out in the Impala.  

Beautiful Loser, read it on the wall, when you realize, you just can’t have it all...
Dean is nailing boards at his construction job, he’s staking a Vampire, he’s sawing wood, he’s sawing off the head of a Vampire while a troubled Sam watches, he pries off old wood slats with a crowbar, he pries open a grave with a crowbar.
You just can’t have it all, just can’t have it all...
Okay, this part makes me bust into tears.  Dean gets out two beers for him and a friend at a BBQ, Sam gets out two beers for him and Dean at the end of “Fresh Blood.”  Dean hands friend a beer, Sam hands Dean a beer.  Oh Sammy, where are you??  I miss you so much!!!   Then Dean is showing Ben how to fix the truck and we see Sam’s smile when Dean shows him how to fix the Impala.  Dean then smiles at Ben in approval.  God, I’m a mess now!    

He’ll never make any enemies
He won’t complain if he’s caught in a freeze
He’ll always ask, he’ll always say please
Dean is at home in the evening now, it’s dark and he’s keeping a watchful eye outside.  He closes the curtains, locks the front and back doors, and checks the perimeter some more.  He checks in on a sleeping Ben, who adorably has stars on his blue ceiling.  Then he climbs into bed with Lisa.  The camera pans down during the ending piano chords of the song to show the holy water and shotgun strategically placed under the bed.  

Beautiful loser, never take it all
Cause it’s easier, faster when you fall
You just don’t need it all
New title card!  Wow, this is the best ever.  There’s an explosion and pieces of shattered glass go flying.  Then there’s the SUPERNATURAL title in blue surrounded by all those tiny pieces.  Oh, poor boys.  Their lives are shattered.  Putting back together pieces of glass is impossible.