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Supernatural Con First Timer - Vancouver Part 3

Fan Video of the Week: Supernatural Reflections "The British Invasion”

Supernatural Bits & Pieces September 17, 2017

Supernatural Con First Timer - Vancouver Part 2

Mallena's Supernatural Musings: 3.11 "Mystery Spot"

Supernatural Match Game #4

Check out all our San Diego Comic Con coverage, including on scene reports from Nightsky!  


Latest Supernatural News and Spoilers

Sep 18 2017

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hillary Burton showed off her baby bump at last night's Emmy Awards ceremony

Sep 18 2017

The actor, who once played Gordon Walker, won an Emmy last night for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Dra

Sep 17 2017

We have a copy of the EW preview for Supernatural and BTS pictures of episode 6.

Sep 13 2017

We're getting close. The CW released a short promo.

Sep 12 2017

EW just published a big spoiler for season 13. TVLine Spoilers added!

Sep 12 2017

September 13 is Supernatural Day!

Sep 08 2017

TVLine released it's fall preview and had this to say about Supernatural

Sep 06 2017

With the DVD for season 12 hitting the shelves yesterday, several oulets have posted deleted scenes

Sep 04 2017

Misha Collins made the announcement today.

Sep 01 2017

Stories continue to come out on Jensen Ackles fundraiser to help Texas after the devastation of Hurr

Aug 31 2017

The Supernatural Family's work to aid in disaster rescue and recovery efforts has even been noticed

Aug 30 2017

Buddy TV posted a new deleted scene from last season.

Aug 28 2017

Jensen and Danneel Ackles are spearheading an effort to help victims of Hurricane Harvey

Aug 24 2017

We have titles for episodes through 12.

Aug 23 2017

TV Line has some spoilers for this season.

Aug 23 2017

There are a lot of Behing-The-Scenes shots from episodes 3 of Supernatural season 13!

Aug 20 2017

The cast is wishing Misha a Happy Birthday!

Aug 18 2017

Christine Kilmer's latest vlog is up and it's seems rather timely given the latest events.  In

Aug 12 2017

Spoiler TV posted the titles for the first nine episodes and episode 16

Aug 12 2017

Recently, I had to shut down the site because of horrible, negative, disrespectful fighting in our c

Aug 09 2017

We have casting news for season 13.

Jul 24 2017

Nightsky posted her video of the Kansas performance at Comic Con.

Jul 23 2017

We may be getting several of these today.

Jul 23 2017

The cast for Wayward Sisters has been announced.

Jul 23 2017

The 2017 San Diego Comic Con "Supernatural" panel was one for the ages.  A surprise concert, a

Jul 23 2017

Today was a very special panel involving one of our prominent #SPNFAMILY members, Genevieve Padaleck

Jul 22 2017

The photos from Nightsky have been coming in slowly and we are keeping an archive of everything take

Jul 22 2017

The Tick has had a big presence at Comic Con.

Jul 22 2017

EW sat down with Jared, Jensen and Misha at Comic Con.

Jul 21 2017

The Facebook Live chat with Jared, Jensen and Misha is now available.

Jul 21 2017

Catching up with Supernatural Alumni at Comic Con.

Jul 21 2017

Today was the big Timeless panel at San Diego Comic Con.  Our master Eric Kripke was there to t

Jul 20 2017

The cast will appear live tomorrow, July 21, 2017 and will be seen on the Supernatural Facebook page

Jul 20 2017

The first clip from Jared and Jensen's appearance on Conan O'Brien

Jul 20 2017

The WB has released the poster for next season.

Jul 19 2017

The Conan O'Brien show has put out a teaser for tonight's appearance.

Jul 16 2017

Mark Pellegrino is in the running for a Tean Choice Award

Jul 16 2017

We have the first spoilers from this year's TV Guide article covering Comic Con.

Jul 15 2017

Warner Brothers is having a Gift Pack Giveaway.

Jul 14 2017

We have the images on the Comic Con bags for this year's Comic Con.

Jul 12 2017

Conan O'Brien is going to Comic Con and he's going to have Jared and Jensen on his show.

Jul 12 2017

Jensen and others are posting on social media from Vancouver. No Spoilers.

Jul 12 2017

San Diego Comic Con must be just around the corner!  Each year at this time we get some awesome

Jul 08 2017

Rogue Events, the company that hosted the Asylum conventions, is going out of business.

Jun 29 2017

IMDB has posted casting for episode 13.01

Jun 29 2017

It's official, Supernatural is coming to Comic Con this year.

Jun 27 2017

As your Winchester Family Business Editor-in-Chief, I have an exciting announcement to share.  

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Match Game #4

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Supernatural in the news this week.

Aug 26 2017 | Nightsky

One of the unique attractions of San Diego Comic-Con is wandering the vendor floor looking at the am

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Supernatural Match Game

Match Game #2

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This week, I’ve been musing about family dramas.  There are many great examples of the genre

Aug 21 2017 | Alice

Today I was utterly dismayed to hear about the closure of a long time fan site which the Wincheste

Aug 19 2017 | Percysowner

Supernatural in the news this week.

Aug 18 2017 | Alice

Just like every year, The WFB doesn't stop with just the fan choice awards!  Your friendly neig

Aug 16 2017 | LK


"The stars shall fade away, the sun himself Grow dim with age, and nature sink in years, B


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Nightsky's New Book!

Intro from Alice:   I do love sharing these fan stories when I get them.  I remember when I shared my own story, just when I started blogging for Supernatural back in 2008, I only found the show at the beginning of season three.  I'm stunned how new fans are finding it today, often times through the daily TNT repeats.  This is one such story.  I had to honor of meeting and spending time with Nightsky at Chicago con, and her story is always so refreshing to hear.  It reminds me why I keep doing this.  Because the Supernatural fans are the greatest in the world.  

This is part one of Nightsky's story.  Part two will be up in a few days.  Enjoy!


The Journey to Becoming a Card-Carrying Supernatural Fan
Part 1,  Indoctrination

I was very hesitant about going to my first Supernatural convention.  I was a person who had traveled to different continents, had a rewarding career, raised a family. I was happy, living a normal, gratifying, respectable life, minding my own business. How could I even be thinking of going to a fan convention?  But I am getting ahead of myself.

I discovered Supernatural accidentally (if you believe anything ever happens by accident) about 6 months ago.  I saw reruns of the show one morning while I was spinning through channels and remembered my daughter telling me about it several years earlier. She said it was a good story about two guys who hunt ghosts and demons.  Yuch! I hate creepy things that keep me up at night!  Well, it was either that or CNN, so I decided to give it a try.  

At first, I was only half paying attention, but something about it pulled me in. I found I had stopped what I was doing and was watching these two brothers who were gorgeous, unassuming, sensitive, dangerous, complex and ingenuous.  They were gun toting heroes who were driven by "family". The classic rock music was my music and unlike most TV shows, I couldn't figure out the plot's "big reveal" in the first 3 minutes of the show. The next morning, I tuned in again. This happened day after day, until I realized I was completely hooked!  The reruns were somewhere in season 4, which was exciting, confusing, compelling and a little terrifying all at the same time. Who were these guys?  I could tell there was a much bigger story here, and I was intrigued. So, shedding the reticence that had previously kept me squarely rooted in the real world, I bought the entire series on DVD (the first time I had ever bought a TV show on DVD). The show was currently airing its 7thseason in prime time, so I had 6 years of captivating suspense and heart-wrenching moments ahead of me.  I caught up on the lives of "the boys" by watching 130 episodes straight!  Two to three hours of Supernatural every night. My poor family had to either watch Sam and Dean with me, or be exiled to the basement TV! 

In retrospect, I think this was the best possible way to enjoy seasons 1 through 6.  I didn't have to endure suspenseful cliff-hangers, "Hellatus", character or plot angst, or writers' strikes.  Impala gets T-boned "“ no problem.  Just start the next episode from the spot on the floor where I collapsed in shock.  Sam dies by getting stabbed in the back "“ hit "play" with the slightly tear-soaked tissues in hand.  Dean gets strung up in hell "“ gasp, breathe"¦hit play.  You get the idea.  It is not enough to say I had absolutely fallen in love with the show, no, I had become obsessed with it.  Nothing had ever captured my imagination, my dedication, like this before.

As much as I told myself to get a grip, I just couldn't shake my need to be further immersed in the SPN world. There was something going on with the show, its fans"¦and me that I didn't recognize and couldn't identify.  I needed to know more, but where to start?  

My first frustration was recognizing that everyone seemed to know things about the show, its actors, the season - really anything related to SPN - much faster than me.  How were they all so connected?  Exactly how did everyone know to vote for the People's Choice awards at exactly the right time? Why didn't I find out about Jared and Thomas being on the cover of People magazine until the issues were no longer at the newsstands?  This was no longer just about the show.  I was feeling something else going on.  There seemed to be a broader connection, a vastly interconnected world I was beginning to sense. I had to find out more.  So I Googled. And Googled. And Googled.  Which sites had interesting information and intelligent commentaries?  Which analysts gave insightful, respectful reviews? Who knew what was going ON?? 

What I found completely amazed me. Technical analyses of directing, lighting, timing and writing. Complex examination of plot arcs and mythologies based in world religions that rivaled the symbolism autopsies I had to do on Shakespeare's works back in school. I learned that I wasn't alone in my fascination with Supernatural.  There were a lot of really smart people mesmerized by this show. That, at least, was comforting. So I picked a few web sites and started reading.

This was about the time that Jared was approaching his 30thbirthday. The fans seemed to have a personal connection to Jared, Jensen and Misha (as well as several others) that was really cool.  I wanted in. From the web sites I was following thus far, it seemed that Twitter was the path through which all information was flowing.  Oh boy.  Out of necessity and blatant peer pressure I had a Facebook account, but I had never really found a use for it (I have no idea why anyone would want to know what I am doing every minute of the day!) Now, it seemed, an even faster paced social media formed the links in the chain that bound fans together. No one I knew was on Twitter, not even my kids. So if I was going to be in the middle of fandom, I would have to enter this brave new world by myself. 

I have to pause here and explain something.  I had been quite proud of the fact that in the last several years of my life, I had lived a fulfilling existence without burying myself in the technological advances that connected people electronically. Don't get me wrong - I was quite adept on the internet, instant messaging and texting. But that is where it ended.  I had a cell phone, not a smart phone. I liked to read books by turning paper pages, not scrolling down on a screen. I had been given an iPad for a gift, but I used it only for to-do lists on the "notes" tool. I didn't have "apps" or "accounts" or "screen names".  It was painfully clear though, that I wasn't going to be able to break through to the inside of the Supernatural world without upgrading"¦a lot. 

So I got myself an Apple account, learned how to add icons to my iPad, downloaded the Twitter app and taught myself the power of 140 characters. I had a deadline:  July 19.  I read the help screen and "followed" @jarpad.  My very first tweet was a heartfelt congratulations to Jared on 30 wonderfully successful years and living his dreams.  I had done it.  I was the newest member of the Supernatural fandom!  In about 3 months Supernatural had catapulted me out of my safe, familiar world into the world of iPads, apps, blogs, social media, podcasts and internet radio.  Twitter is now the second thing I check every day (the first still being email).  I know which "WinchesterFamilyBusiness" writers share my views.  I anxiously await the episode rating from the "Supernatural Review Blog".  Supernatural had done in just a few months what I had not been motivated to do for several years"¦.catch up on technology.

So now I knew what was going on as fast as any other fan around the world, and I was awed by what I saw. Something about the Supernatural fans, and the power they collectively have, inspired me.  For example, The People's Choice Awards were avalanched with votes to win Supernatural the Best TV Drama award. More than popularity contests, though, the fans could, and have, quickly organized themselves to change the world for the better. Recognizing his opportunity to harness this power, Misha founded the Random Acts charity, and with the fan's support was the first person ever to win 25,000 from a European lottery system for his charity. In the very next month, Jensen was propelled to #1, winning another 25,000€ for his Down Syndrome charity"¦ and the fans are now working to get Jared's charity to #1 for his share of the pie. When Thomas Colton was born, Jared and Genevieve were astounded by how much money was raised for St. Jude's Children's hospital, all because they requested that gifts be given to the hospital instead of sent to their home. There is even a group (Support SPN) whose mission is to help the show and its fans while raising money for charities. At a moment's notice, the worldwide fandom can be pointed in a direction, and it/they/we will accomplish amazing things.

So we have arrived at my interest in the Supernatural fan conventions.  Through Twitter, I heard stories of the worldwide conventions.  I felt the excitement shared by the fans before, during and after they got together.  I started following links to YouTube clips, which led to watching longer clips, which led to doing searches for entire panel talks, which led to (have you guessed yet?) adding YouTube to my iPad and getting my very own YouTube account.  I became familiar with the uniqueness of each city's conventions, and the best (and worst) questions asked by fans. I would have thought that I was beyond being surprised by anything SPN, but I was once again amazed at the thought and care Jared and Jensen put into their answers. They were honest, personal and open with their fans.  I guess I expected standard, practiced answers, but no matter how many times the same question was asked, they were attentive, polite and sincere.  Who were these guys? How long could I hold out without seeing them in person? 

I have tried to analyze the show's strange magnetism many times.  I know that it motivates me, entertains me and inspires me.  I have become completely absorbed by the Winchester brothers' pain, fears, doubts, loyalties, triumphs and courage to keep going against all odds because a part of me has experienced so many of the same emotions in the privacy of my own heart and mind (albeit not with real demons, monsters, heaven or hell but with the more recognizable challenges of living life).  But go to a convention?? Admit my dedication to a compelling fictional story, imagined characters, and oh yeah, two amazing actors??  What was wrong with me?  How could I even be considering such an indulgent use of much-needed paychecks? What had happened to the practical, responsible, type-A family member I had always been?  Picture a house in the suburbs, SUV in the garage, dog in the backyard. Was I really ready to be seen at a fan convention of any type?  I may have joined the Supernatural wave, but I was ready for the big plunge into fandom? 

Maybe I could find a way to test the waters and judge if it was safe to go in.  Chicago is my home town, so I rationalized that I wouldn't have to spend the money to travel to a remote convention location.  I could go home each night, further reducing costs, but more importantly, holding onto that life preserver of sanity and familiarity I needed.  I peeked at one and two day admission prices, thinking I wouldn't be totally committed to the whole convention, but the people I wanted to see and the parties I wanted to attend were strategically spread across all three days. So I priced out a silver ticket, which would at least guarantee me a place to sit in the totally unfamiliar universe I was entering. I had controlled the experiment as much as I could.  So feeling guilty, embarrassed, crazy and uncertain, I dug deep for some courage of my own and bought a ticket to ChiCon. 

Get the rest of the story! Part II - The Convention Experience