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More Supernatural Interviews From Comic Con 2017 - Misha Collins

More Supernatural Interviews From Comic Con 2017 - Jensen Ackles

More Supernatural Interviews From Comic Con 2017 - Jared Padalecki

Supernatural Interviews Comic Con 2017 - Andrew Dabb

Interview With Executive Producer Robert Singer - Comic Con 2017

Interview With Jensen Ackles - Comic Con 2017

Check out all our San Diego Comic Con coverage, including on scene reports from Nightsky!  


Latest Supernatural News and Spoilers

24 Jul 2017 14:25

Nightsky posted her video of the Kansas performance at Comic Con.

23 Jul 2017 20:11

We may be getting several of these today.

23 Jul 2017 14:56

The cast for Wayward Sisters has been announced.

23 Jul 2017 14:01

The 2017 San Diego Comic Con "Supernatural" panel was one for the ages.  A surprise concert, a

23 Jul 2017 00:16

Today was a very special panel involving one of our prominent #SPNFAMILY members, Genevieve Padaleck

22 Jul 2017 22:37

The photos from Nightsky have been coming in slowly and we are keeping an archive of everything take

22 Jul 2017 21:41

The Tick has had a big presence at Comic Con.

22 Jul 2017 13:54

EW sat down with Jared, Jensen and Misha at Comic Con.

21 Jul 2017 22:30

The Facebook Live chat with Jared, Jensen and Misha is now available.

21 Jul 2017 14:27

Catching up with Supernatural Alumni at Comic Con.

21 Jul 2017 00:09

Today was the big Timeless panel at San Diego Comic Con.  Our master Eric Kripke was there to t

20 Jul 2017 14:59

The cast will appear live tomorrow, July 21, 2017 and will be seen on the Supernatural Facebook page

20 Jul 2017 11:52

The first clip from Jared and Jensen's appearance on Conan O'Brien

20 Jul 2017 06:45

The WB has released the poster for next season.

19 Jul 2017 17:35

The Conan O'Brien show has put out a teaser for tonight's appearance.

16 Jul 2017 14:44

Mark Pellegrino is in the running for a Tean Choice Award

16 Jul 2017 01:45

We have the first spoilers from this year's TV Guide article covering Comic Con.

15 Jul 2017 12:23

Warner Brothers is having a Gift Pack Giveaway.

14 Jul 2017 15:27

We have the images on the Comic Con bags for this year's Comic Con.

12 Jul 2017 16:28

Conan O'Brien is going to Comic Con and he's going to have Jared and Jensen on his show.

12 Jul 2017 13:22

Jensen and others are posting on social media from Vancouver. No Spoilers.

12 Jul 2017 10:20

San Diego Comic Con must be just around the corner!  Each year at this time we get some awesome

08 Jul 2017 19:22

Rogue Events, the company that hosted the Asylum conventions, is going out of business.

29 Jun 2017 14:55

IMDB has posted casting for episode 13.01

29 Jun 2017 14:08

It's official, Supernatural is coming to Comic Con this year.

27 Jun 2017 21:32

As your Winchester Family Business Editor-in-Chief, I have an exciting announcement to share.  

20 Jun 2017 14:00

Reportedly, Wayward Sisters (not Daughters) will be given a backdoor pilot in season 13.

20 Jun 2017 08:33

The Teen Choice Awards announced the first round of their nominations yesterday and Supernatural is

08 Jun 2017 15:20

We have a date for the end of Hellatus!

06 Jun 2017 21:28

Ty Olsson (Benny Lafitte) just won a Leo Award.

03 Jun 2017 14:53

Jared has announced the final phase of the relaunch of his AKF campaign.

01 Jun 2017 23:33

Oh yeah, we had a LOT to discuss!  This is a supersized TV Fanatic Roundtable this time, design

01 Jun 2017 15:30

Jared and Jensen have both spoken about their daughters recently.

01 Jun 2017 10:22

Jared has relaunched part five of his Always Keep Fighting campaign.

31 May 2017 08:44

We have the first information on the season 12 DVD.

26 May 2017 14:18

Jared and Gen Padalecki both spoke in support of David's Law, a Texas law which targets cyber bullyi

26 May 2017 09:14

Jared started part four of his relaunch.

24 May 2017 15:07

Editor's Note: This article chronologically presents the reports and tweets on Mark Sheppard's statu

24 May 2017 09:41

 Now that season 12 is over, our stars are working for charity.

21 May 2017 09:14

Jared has launched part two of his AKF campaign.

20 May 2017 16:46

We have a few spoilers that came out of the Jus In Bello Convention this weekend.

19 May 2017 11:25

Here are the ratings for last night's finale episodes.

18 May 2017 21:38

Well, we were uninamous, but that's not necessarily good.  All four of us at the TV Fanatic Rou

18 May 2017 15:34

Jared talks about the season finale, season 13 spoilers and relaunching his Always Keep Fighting Cam

18 May 2017 12:05

We are getting our first spoilers for next season at the CW upfront presentation.

18 May 2017 08:52

The CW has released its schedule for next season.

WFB Feature Articles

Jul 31 2017 | Percysowner

The final actor is Misha Collins.

Jul 31 2017 | Percysowner

Jensen spoke to different outlets at Comic Con this year.

Jul 31 2017 | Percysowner

We return to the actors who were interviewed at Comic Con. This time Jared Padalecki.

Jul 31 2017 | Percysowner

Press Room Interviews with Andrew Dabb.

Jul 31 2017 | Nightsky

 Last interview up and it's with the man who holds it all together, Robert Singer.  He giv

Jul 31 2017 | Nightsky

An interview with Jensen is always a pleasure!  The interview started out casually - talk about

Jul 31 2017 | Nightsky

It's Misha's turn!  In our roundtable interview in the San Diego Comic Con press room today, he

Jul 31 2017 | Nightsky

Today was a pretty awesome day!  Here's the WFB roundtable interview with Jared Padalecki. &nbs

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Supernatural in the news this week.

Jul 31 2017 | Karen

Welcome back to the "Memorable Moments" series for episode 12.17 "The British Invasion". Once again

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This episode introduces us to Anna Milton.  She isn’t a normal girl, like she appears, but is

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The nominations were collected, the votes have been cast, the results have been tabulated, and the w

Jul 31 2017 | Percysowner

San Diego Comic Con 2017 is this week! The most anticipated comic book, superhero, scifi/fantasy gen

Jul 31 2017 | Percysowner

Supernatural in the news this week

Jul 31 2017 | Elle

12 Years of Big Boss Battles: Supernatural Villainy for the Ages

“I'm glad, honestly. I'm not s

Jul 31 2017 | LK


"The gleam in their eyes telegraphs only too clearly that they are hoping for a headline,

Jul 31 2017 | Percysowner

Here's what we know about this year's event!

Jul 31 2017 | Mallena

I was underwhelmed with season ten for most of its run, so it was wonderful to watch an episode as t

Jul 31 2017 | Percysowner

Supernatural on the web this week!

Jul 31 2017 | Karen

Welcome back to the "Memorable Moments" series! For Supernatural 12.13 "Family Feud", I put tog

Jul 31 2017 | Alice

The moment is finally here!  The nominations have been tabulated, now it's time to vote.  

Jul 31 2017 | LK


"The unreal is more powerful than the real, because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine

Jul 31 2017 | Percysowner

Supernatural in the news this week.

Jun 30 2017 | Karen

Welcome back to "Memorable Moments" of Supernatural! This edition focuses on episode 12.12 "Stuck In

Jun 30 2017 | Mallena

There has been a lot of talk lately about Jody and the women of Supernatural.  In honor of the

Jun 30 2017 | Elle

Rich, riveting, complex and so full of story details and character threads that it's impossible to m

Jun 30 2017 | LK

 "Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream." — Khalil Gibran



WFB Motivational Posters - Comic Con


Nightsky's New Book!

Dean puts the joy buzzer on the ham and it’s an instant light display. Lightening, buzzing sounds, smoke, sizzling, the whole nine yards. Within a few seconds the boys have one well cooked ham. Dean in astonishment jokes "That'll do pig, that'll do." How does Dean know all these children's movie quotes? It's my guess that in the weeks in between hunts all these guys do is watch TV, movies, and read. As a matter of fact, I want to see a whole episode of them doing that. You know, I might actually write that. I've been itching to get back to the creative writing. Or better yet, it can be one of those filler episodes for season seven.

The fried up pig has now gotten Sam's attention. “That crap isn’t supposed to work.” Dean mentions it doesn't even have batteries, then pulls out a pocket knife and cuts himself a piece of ham. The new theory is cursed objects. Dean starts chowing down while asking Sam if there’s any link between the joy buzzer and itching powder. When did Sam find time to research all this? They were made in different countries, but bought in the same store. He offers Sam a piece, but Sam refuses. What would have even been funnier is if Sam tried the ham and realized it was really good and they both pigged out. Opportunity lost. The attention to continuity in this episode actually got kind of boring.

They're off to a small local business known as "The Conjurarium." It sells all those hokey novelties, and Dean with delight finds a whoopie cushion. A Sam bitchface! There’s actually several in this episode. We got so few when Sam went darkside. You know, someone once on livejournal used to analyze every single episode in detail and report statiscally things like the number of Sam bitchfaces and the number of times Dean would irk Sam or use "son of a bitch." I miss those and wish I had time to do them. My inner geek adores statistics.

The owner comes out and I can't tell if the entire exchange with Dean is bad writing, bad acting or both. This part is way too over the top for my tastes. The owner randomly complains about how he's been there twenty some years and the kids don't come in and buy stuff like they used to. They're into iPhones and all that. Duh, it's called fun dude. Dean gets a rise out of the guy by getting him to admit this makes him mad and he hates them. Dean, thinking he has his man, plonks down a rubber chicken on the counter and with one zap of the joy buzzer melts the thing down to holy hell. The owner freaks and backpedals like a pussy and Sam with one perplexed stare states the obvious. This guy is not a powerful witch. Dean apologizes and they split.

Okay, this next part just disturbs me. Not that it isn't well done, it is, but I can take impalings, heads exploding, hands being cut off, babysitters clawing their brains out, and all sorts of bloody torture but anything involving teeth truly gives me intense shivers. We all have our vices I guess. So, will I be able to recap this scene without losing it a little? Likely not.

Suburban house, surburban dad, suburban girl. Dad is holding the girl's tooth and telling her the story about how she leaves it under the pillow and the tooth fairy...shudder...will come and get it and leave her a quarter. What twisted freaking adult came up with this ritual??? Of course nowadays a tooth is worth a dollar and even my kids think that's a ripoff. The little girl thinks the whole story is a bit nuts and wants no part of it, but Dad convinces her it'll be alright. What I don’t get is dad is holding a molar. The first teeth kids lose are the front teeth. They don’t lose molars until they’re at least 10. By the time this kid loses a molar, she should have cashed in several times with the tooth fairy. But, I digress. Kids front teeth are really small and don’t show up on the camera well.

Ughhh, you really want me to go on? Fine. Little girl, it what turns out to be a very smart move for her, sneaks into Dad's room and puts the tooth under his pillow. Then dad (eeeee, must continue) wakes up and finds a bearded man in a pink fairy outfit with a pair of pliers hovering over him. Nope, stopping here, even if the deed was shown via shadows on the wall. Pulling noises and screaming were enough for me. One more thing to cross off the “thing to ruin” list.

Man is in the hospital refusing a drink through a straw. Eww, I still can't think about it without cringing. Sam leaves the room, and why they're doing the FBI thing in normal clothes is beyond me. Dean is flirting with a nurse and that makes me smile, for we haven't seen him do that in a while. It only makes Sam roll his eyes. I really think Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin, the writers of this episode, watched most of season two before writing this. Many of the brotherly quirks from that season are in here.

Dean comes over and gets the story from Sam about "toothless." Come on Dean, how would you feel if, never mind, I don't want to think about it. Sam got the description of the perpitrator. Large man, beard, wings, and a pink tutu. The tooth fairy. Dean speculates pain killers are involved. Maybe, but the guy got past locked doors and windows and didn’t trigger the alarm. He also left 32 quarters under the pillow, one for each tooth. Ouch, ouch, ouch, crouching into corner now. Happy place, happy place...This is even worse than Ren and Stimpy and the tooth beaver.

Dean can top Sam's crazy. Two kids upstairs have stomach ulcers from mixing pop rocks and coke. Another guy, “His face froze that way.” Sam needs more, so Dean obliges with a demonstration. Oh, that’s too good! How much do you want to bet Jensen is going to be berated into doing that face at every single con he’s at from now on? How long do you think he rehearsed that in front of a mirror? Sam takes in this news with his usual stoic behavior, and I’m wondering how could he not laugh at that? Who here thinks Jared blew a few takes before getting that right?

“I got nothing,” Sam says. Dean tells the story about how he thought sea monkeys were real. He’s talking about on TV ads, the sea monkey wife cooking the pot roast for the sea monkey dad and their sea monkey kids, dog in the sea monkey castle. He was six at the time, but he believed it. Dean figures out that everything that’s happening is based on lies that kids believe are true. Sam jumps into problem solving mode and thinks that whoever reshapes this kind of reality has the powers of a God, or a Trickster. Dean doesn’t agree, since whoever is doing this has the sense of humor of a nine year old. “Or you,” Sam says. Ooh, ding!

Dean is eating a giant ham sandwich back at the motel and Sam walks in. “Dude, seriously, still with the ham?” “We don’t have a fridge,” Dean answers. I’m not sure a fridge would have stopped him either. Sam has some info. He mapped out where all the strange incidents have happened. They form a circle around a two mile radius. In the center of it all is a farm house on 4 acres. “Our motel isn’t in that circle by any chance?” Sam says and asks why. Okay, you want to know. Dean holds up his palm, which has gone hairy. So, how would you react if your brother showed you that? Yep, Sam is squicked out.

“Aw, dude. That’s not what I think it is, is it?” A smiling Dean admits he got bored and that nurse was hot. Five seasons and this is the first time they went there! Sam is cringing, not laughing and then makes an awkwardly funny moment super funny. “You know you can go blind from that too.” Dean asks for five minutes and they’ll go check out that house. He walks away and Sam gets really pissy. “Hey, do not use my razor.” Dean smirks and we know that’s exactly what he’s gonna do. If anyone was counting Sam bitchfaces or Dean irking Sam in that one, it’s a fiesta!